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Special restaurant within 20 minutes of Blue Bell?

My daughter's preschool is offering babysitting next Friday night and it will be one of the very rare occasions my husband and I will be going out as a duo. We only have limited time so cannot drive too far, her school is in Blue Bell so I am thinking within a 20 minute driving radius. We have alot of "regular" spots we go to in the area but since its just the two of us I want to go somewhere special, new, somewhere we have never been, and that will not disappoint? Any suggestions?

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  1. This is a tough one Amblergirl! You have been everywhere!! But I really enjoy Parc Bistro for a great night out.

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      This is true - I feel like AmblerGirl is QUIZZING us!

      Ok - how about -

      Joseph Ambler Inn in Horsham?
      Blackfish is good but I am not sure if you could get a reservation this late
      I liked Teresa's Cafe in Wayne - probably just on the outskirts of the 20 minute window
      Spring Mill Cafe?
      Or - you fake everyone out - drop your daughter off - order takeout from Bocelli's - and have a romantic dinner at home!!!

    2. The obvious suggestion is to to try Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington. Not sure how hard it will be to get a reservation but should be well within your driving radius.

      Parc Bistro or Brasserie 73 up in Skippack should be reachable as well.

      Blackfish in Conshohocken is within the radius too.

      1. I'm sure you're aware of it if you live in Blue Bell, but the restaurant at Normandy Farm looks really good. I have only walked through the actual restaurant (we are having our wedding there so we've been a couple of times), and the dishes have looked excellent.

        We've had the wedding food before, and I"m amazed to say even that was very tasty, so I feel like the restaurant food would have to be the real deal.

        Enjoy your night out!

        1. I used to go everywhere, but since I had my daughter we pretty much go to the same five toddler friendly spots! That is why I am so excited for this dinner! Thanks for the recs, everything looks great. Parc Bistro or Blackfisk look like good choices to look into. I may be heading to Cantina Feliz with some friends in the next month or so, so will be very eager to try it!!!

          I was considering Radice too but nixed that after some mixed revuews...

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            You never can go wrong at Parc Bistro, that's for sure. (BTW, it is "toddler friendly" as my parents and I have taken my son there ever since he was in a carrier and since they have pizza, there's always something there for him to eat).

            Just out of curiosity, does your daughter go to Kindercare in Blue Bell? That's where my son goes. If that is where she goes, I wouldn't be surprised if we have seen each other at some point.

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              Oh, Parc Bistro might be a good spot to try with the little one in tow, its so tough to find kid friendly restaurants. We're limited to just a handful of spots that are laid back enough to deal with an energetic toddler, and also to places that serve lunch or a very, very early dinner!

              Its actually Play n Learn in Blue Bell, we recently enrolled her, we're lucky there are alot of good schools in the area. They offer a "Kids Night Out" once a month, which gives us a chance to go out to dinner as grown ups. Its the best perk ever, it actially gives us a chance to go out to try "real" restaurants (which is our favorite thing to do but have not been able to do very much since our daughter was born).

          2. Have you been to Zacharias Creekside? Good food, great desserts and BYOB.

            1. Savona in Gulph Mills would be an good choice. We have always enjoyed their food and service.

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                I always forget about Savona - because somehow I equate Gulph Mills as far away instead of right outside Conshy.

              2. How about Cake in Chestnut Hill? They've morphed into a regular restaurant since they moved, I worked there for their first 3 years and was there this past summer helping out. Great food in a beautiful setting! Only 15 mins from BB.


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                  Cake is a good call. I've been there for breakfast and lunch and it's really delicious. The building is cool too, it's in a greenhouse.

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                    I third Cake. Also think Blackfish is a good idea.

                2. Have you been to the oft-forgotten Trinacria lately? Definitely fills the special, will not disappoint part of your request. If you do, be sure to get the gnocci de jour and ask Mario for a recomendation from the wine list!

                    1. Honestly if you want good mexican I would go to Cantina Feliz over El Sarape. I was there last week and it was phenominal. Spent less money for great food.

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                        Thanks - I haven't been yet, but it's on my list & now I am really looking forward to it!

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                          Where is Cantina Feliz and can you please provide details regarding your meal?
                          Thank you!

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                            Cantina Feliz is just off of Bethlehem Pike, in Fort Washington, about a block from the Mercedez Benz dealership. Its in the old Alison 2 space.

                            You can see the menu at http://foobooz.com/wp-content/uploads...

                            The chef is a former chef in the Garces organization so you will find it similar in many ways to Distrito.

                        2. Savona, though lovely, is really too far to drive from Blue Bell on limited time. I love Parc Bistro and I love Radice too, even though I have heard that others don't like it. As long as you are not going on a weekend, you would be fine at Radice. Atmosphere better at Parc Bistro though.

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                              I haven't been there in a long time, what a romantic spot for dinner.

                            2. Well, my romantic dinner for two suddenly became a dinner for three since my daughter's school cancelled the event so we had no one to watch our little one. We still decided to go to Cantina Feliz, we just made an earlier reservation so our eneretic little toddler did not disrupt the dinner crowd. Loved it! Fortunately it was very family friendly, the staff was fabulous, the atmosphere was bright and fun. We tried a little bit of everything. The stand outs were the artichoke and truffle flatbread, chorizo tacos, port tacos, grilled corn. We also had the sort ribs, plantains, and mexican chocolate dessert. Everything was fabulous, portios were a bit small so we had to order alot! Small but reasonably priced and interesting wine list. Overall, can't wait to go back!