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Jan 20, 2011 01:58 AM

Fish and Family Food in Madrid

I will be in Madrid for two days with my children ( ages 12, 10, 7). Can anyone recommend great places to eat, especially for fish. Any not-to-miss bakeries, confectionaries or food sites would be much appreciated. We are staying between the Puerta del Sol and Plaza C. del Castillo. Thanks in advance.

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  1. La Mallorquina is a very popular pasteleria in Sol. It's right across the street from McDonald's. I can stand in front of their display windows laden with sweets for hours :)

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      La Mallorquina is a good and convenient place for breakfast and afternoon coffee/snack. Go upstair for table and seats. Search this board as there has been a couple of recent posts on eating with children in Madrid.

    2. These are the two best pastelerĂ­as near Sol:

      La Riojana--Calle Mayor, 10
      It has a little tea room in the back. Closed during lunch (2-5pm).

      La Santiaguesa--Calle Mayor, 73
      Open all day, but no on-site eating (though it's close to the Palacio and Plaza de Oriente


      La Mallorquina's tea room upstairs is a great place for a merienda, but I don't think their pastries are in quite the same league as the two above (though they are also less pricey, I think). The Mercado de San Miguel also has a few pastelerĂ­as, including el Horno de San Onofre, which is run by the same folks as La Santiaguesa (though the options are more limited at the market location--their big store is in Chueca at Calle de San Onofre, 3--

      I'm sure the kids would enjoy going around the market and putting together a meal (there are tables in the middle where you can eat).

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        I agree that the pastries at La Riojana, which is just a few doors from La Mallorquina, and La Santiaguesa are way better. And they are more expensive, especially at La Riojana where many of the pastries are sold by weight; couple of times, I was taken back by how much some weight. The La Santiaguesa branch at Calle Mayor is worth a visit for their beautiful cookies, pastries as well as their wonderful display/layout. One of the best pastry shop in the city. The branch at Chueca is much more functional. Also good breads at both and savory pastries at both.

      2. Thanks All, These are really helpful. Any recommendations for fish - not shellfish - which is celebrated in previous posts.

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          Suggestions for fish:
          A Tasca do Bacalhau Portuges at Calle Lope de Vaga 14. Several recipes of cod. If you don'like cod head to other restaurant.
          La Giralda at Calle Hartzenbusch 15. Andalusian fried fish. Try the 'bienmesabe'.
          Pelotari at Calle Recoletos 3. Merluza en salsa verde (hake with green sauce made with parsley & white wine), bacalo al pil-pil (cod cooked in olive oil, garlic and a bit of dried hot chile), pudin de cabracho (scorpion fish pudding), mero a la plancha (grilled grouper).

        2. Casa d'a Troya for fabulous Galician seafood. Not cheap, but very reasonable for the quality, this is the place for simple, beautiful fish. The hake and monkfish are amazing. Interesting desserts, too.