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Jan 19, 2011 10:12 PM

Going on vacation to Vancouver

So I'm going to be coming to Vancouver in early May and need help I've been reading on all of the great dim sum places and apparently there not in downtown Vancouver in Chinatown but in Richmond instead? Am I getting this right? The reason why I ask is that I thought that it would just be a lot easier to stay in downtown Vancouver and work my way outwards. How far is Richmond away? and can I get to alot of places just by walking or would I need a mode of transportation? I want to explore as well as get my self some good Ramen, Dim sum, Xia long Bao, and Potine. Oh and also would like some recomendations on best Chinese and Japanese bakeries please?

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  1. though i havent been recently. Kirin it the only dim sum that has some favorable reviews.
    there are couple of places in chinatown and east van. but by and large the best food wise are all in richmond, where the diners are arguably more discerning. :-D you can take the canada line from DT. or it is a 20-40 minute drive depending on traffic. you'll have to leave DT for better chinese food.

    santouka is considered by many the best ramen in town. try the pork jowl.

    closest XLB with favorable reviews is Lin's on west Broadway.

    poutine on davie st. at La Brasserie and la belle patate has some positive review.

    La Brasserie
    1091 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E1M5, CA

    1. New Town Bakery has the best apple tarts, if you're looking for Chinese bakery items. There's a location in Surrey and Chinatown. I believe there's another location, but can't recall where.

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        There is a New Town on Cambie (in Vancouver) and one in Richmond. I prefer the one in Chinatown to the one on Cambie, but I haven't tried the Richmond one yet. I didn't know there was one in Surrey.

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          It's close to the Skytrain station and SFU Surrey. I have been there once actually.

      2. i would only stay in downtown vancouver - right downtown. walk everywhere ... or skytrain and bus (canada line is part of that system and is so easy to use to get betw/ downtown and the YVR airport)

        i agree with the recommendation to go to New Town Bakery - we know the one in chinatown (it's where our chinese in-laws shop for steam pork buns)

        for dim sum, Floata is nearby up on about the 4th floor of the building at Main and Keifer streets -- they also like going there.too. It's loud and busy ... we have always had the fortunate experience of having our chinese friends joiin us and guide the ordering with quite a firm hand