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Jan 19, 2011 06:59 PM

That Cowbell certainly rang mine!

Selfishly, I almost hate posting this (because they were not hurting for tables in any way), and seeing as though I haven't been on this site very often of late, (busy, busy) it is only because Cowbell was that great that I felt impelled to write immediately.

First of all, it's cute. Casual, but in the nicest of ways. Fun, clean, great modern/local/folk art, a well lit spacious room, good, not overly loud tunes. Not many tables, so it doesn't seat many. When we left near close they were playing a rocking gospel in the parking lot.

Then there was the service. This might have been the best part (to my tastes, anyway) They were completely friendly and relaxed, had no problem allowing two of us to take a table and order some snacks while we waited the almost 40 minutes for our last diner. This while it was by no means slow, spoke to their attitudes. In fact, one of the owners suggested we take a table rather than wait at the bar, (which we had offered to do), because she was concerned that by the time our friend got there there wouldn't be a table available (which was absolutely correct). How often do you find that type of service?? Let me know, because I surely don't.

They also don't yet have their liquor license but were most obliging with glasses and a wine cork, no corkage. Nice.

But the food. Oh my. One of the best damn veggie burgers I've probably ever had, and I seek them out. Served with all the fixins on a homemade potato roll....oh, yum. They have a house made mayo/sirracha/garlic sauce combo they call something or nother that comes with. I added swiss at the servers recommendation. Just totally delicious, even the carnivores agreed. And the hand cut fries, skin on, perfectly salted. My fellow diners both had the fish tacos, which they both concurred were fantastic (fish grilled not fried). But, for all this raving, nothing, i repeat nothing beats their macaroni and cheese. I am serious about my mac n cheese, and this was right up there at the top. I imagine it was some gruyere/parm/sharp cheddar in bechamel combo, but didn't ask. Lovely fresh toasted bread crumb topping. We ordered one serving while we were waiting for our third party, and even though we could feel our arteries clogging gobbling this incredibly rich miracle (me scraping the bowl with my butter knife) we went ahead and ordered the second. I was told later by our wonderful server who guided our ordering that some people order it in lieu of dessert. Funny, if i could have fit even one more bite in, I was contemplating. I'm dreaming ot if now as I write.

It's a small menu, but I feel safe extrapolating that the things they do, they do incredibly well. And totally reasonably priced and very generous portions to boot. You know what it reminds me of, Jaques-Imos in that first 6 months it opened. Please don't all go at once, (key the Boucherie phenomena, where now a walk in is a pipe dream) because i want to get my seat back with ease. They don't take reservations and close pretty early. It's in an old gas station where Oak meets the river.

I will be returning soon. It was only my first time, and maybe the stars aligned just perfect, maybe it will never be as great again, but I can say it was a restaurant Shangri-La: everything done with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of love. Hip Hip Hooray.

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  1. I posted on another thread, but I went last Friday and was also very impressed. I had the veggie burger and my friend had the fish tacos. I loved my veggie burger. I tried my friend's chocolate cake that was delicious and cooked with some whiskey or rum. The place was pretty crowded last Friday, so I think the secret is getting out.

    1. The original comment has been removed