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Jan 19, 2011 06:51 PM

Sendable chocolates in Australia

We met some wonderful people in Australia (everyone, in fact, seemed amazingly nice to us), and we'd like to thank them with a box of chocolates. We would like to send the very best. In the US I know what to send, but what would one send, if one really wanted to make the other person swoon, in Australia? Thanks very much for any info!

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  1. I'm glad you met some nice people over here - I like to think we're not a bad bunch. If you're looking send some nice chocolates Koko Black have a website you can order from and they are rather gorgeous.

    They are based in Melbourne and I have had the pleasure of sampling their wares. The only thing I would bear in mind is that it's the height of summer here now, therefore the chocolates may not hold up too well in the postal service and much of our country's east is experiencing devastating floods at the moment, which may also affect the postal service. I'd just check where the recipients are living to make sure they're not under water.

    I hope this helps a little :)

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      Yep, tell us which city you are sending to.

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        Wonderful! Thank you so much. They live just outside of Melbourne so this should be just the ticket. I really appreciate the help.

        and yes, we really did meet the nicest people. everyone was more than willing to help, and people were friendly and chatty. We get a week in Sydney after our 5 weeks in NZ so we'll be looking forward to more Ozzie fun.

        Thanks again for the chocolate recommendation. It sounds perfect.

      2. As wonderful as the kokoblack chocolates look, I have spent the past 5 days going back and forth with them over payment. Their website lets you input credit card information, but then insists you use paypal. I had a big problem with paypal about 10 years ago, and won't use them again. I tried contacting the company, and, as I said, we back and forthed on this without resolution.

        So ... back to ask again if there is some other chocolate (or maybe cheese?) people near Melbourne you'd recommend? I really do appreciate the help, and was so excited about kokoblack. Do hope I can find something!

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          There are better chocolates, but they are smaller players and probably aren't up to shipping - KokoBlack was suggested because they are largish. So my non mail order suggestion would be Monsieur Truffe

          I would suggest

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            You could always go to Simon Johnson's website and send Mazet chocolates. Only problem is Mazet are French and not Australian.


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              Honestly, I'm starting to wonder about either my technical proficiency or Australian websites. simonjohnson isn't allowing me to create an account. Tried 4 times now. Will try maxbrenner next.