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Jan 19, 2011 06:37 PM

Fresco Pizza in Civic Center: Middle Eastern delivery!

San Fran is sorely lacking in delivery options. If you don't want Chinese, Thai, or pizza, you're pretty well going to have to leave the house. Up until tonight, my one delivery find was that Mozzarella di Bufala pizza has terrific Brazilian food that they deliver (I love the feijoada). But lo and behold, Fresco Pizza on Polk Street leaves a menu on our door today, announcing that it delivers a small menu of Middle Eastern food! Wanting to try a little of everything, we ordered a chicken shish kebab plate, a falafel schwarma, and a falafel plate (it was a small menu, as I've said). The best thing was the shish kebab. The vegetables were nicely charred, the chicken was tender, and the onions had some nice sauce or flavoring on them that was particularly good, a little sweet/sour. Looked like there were two nice-sized kebabs in the order, a good value for the price (I think $10?). The kebabs came over plump grains of yellow rice, with smoky and great hummus and forgettable fattoush on the side.

The falafels weren't all that great, could have been due to the long time it took our order to arrive (an hour plus, a downside). But the schwarma was enormous, with nicely fried potatoes and a good hot sauce inside, so it masked the falafel's flaws.

Bill for 3 people: $24.95. Now we're talking! I will be ordering again.

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