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Jan 19, 2011 06:37 PM

Carbon steel skillet- brand new, with a bit of rust!

I just ordered my first carbon steel skillet from Amazon. Love the feel of it-- very excited to cook with it.

However-- It has this streak of rusty stuff on it (see photo). Is this something I can easily fix? I was thinking of just scouring it before going ahead with the initial seasoning. I have never seasoned a pan before so I have little experience in this area.

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  1. I doubt if the rust is very deep; you may not even be able to feel it.

    I'd scrub the pan with soapy water and plastic pad. Then maybe boil some water in it for 10 minutes. Then dry, and start seasoning. And don't feel like the first seasoning has to be perfect. Better lots of thin uniform layers than something thick and sticky.

    1. If you want to be even more aggressive, you could scour the entire inside with steel wool before starting the seasoning process. That's what I did with my carbon steel pans.

      1. Many ways to remove this thin layer of rust. You can use a mix of salt and oil and a papertowel to scrub the rust off. You can use Bar Keeper's Friend. You use a stainless steel wool or a green scrub pad. After the rust is removed, then season the cookware. Like PaulJ said, it is often better off to have less oil than more oil.

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions. Much appreciated.

          1. I have one it's my favorite.

            Id try just following the instrucions you know boiling the potatoes in it. If it's not a de buyers just go on youtube and search de buyers there an educational how to season pan from the company. Carbon steel stuff is all the same more or less. See if it's still there after if so then you could use steel wool or if you wanted to be even gentler you could get a rust eraser. Something that is used to get rust of carbon steel knives. They come in different strengths you just wet it.... easy to use. A place on queen st W called knife sells them there like 8 bucks. That might be overcomplicating things though. The other previous post ers ideas probably work. Not a real big deal?