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Jan 19, 2011 06:23 PM

The Blue Rock Restaurant in Shelburne Falls Ma.

Have any of you chowhounds in Western Massachusetts been to this fairly new restaurant in Shelburne Falls that is in the former location of Ollie's Down Under? Just wondering what people think before trying it! Thanks!

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  1. have not been to this new place, but the space can be a bit noisy. always best to go with a few people, but i look forward to yr review. was just up at gypsy apple the other night. always like a good excuse to hit shelburne/buckland area.


    1. Incredibly delicious. Can't wait to go back. We went after skiing at the wonderful Berkshire East in Charlemont and couldn't believe how good the steak was and a very tasty burger. There are also beguiling vegetarian entrees. I just wish there had been more of us so we could have sampled more choices. Very friendly waiters. Cosy. A satisfied foodie.

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        Wow, we must have eaten at a different restaurant. Scallops overdone and waiter didn't care, brussels sprouts hard as rocks, Skirt steak ok, I;d give it a C