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Jan 19, 2011 06:03 PM

Forest & Main Brewpub

I just found out a new brewpub and restaurant is opening in Ambler (walking distance from my house, woo hoo). It is Forest & Main Brewpub, and is set up open in the Spring. Ambler really could use a good brewpub, with good food and beer, will be a great addition to town. Can't wait to get more info.

Here is a link:

Here is their summary:

Nestled in a victorian-style house dating from the 1880s, Forest & Main, Brewery & Pub, in Ambler, Pa. creates old world style ales, rustic breads, and seasonally inspired dishes.

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  1. Thanks for posting this Ambler Girl! I am very excited about this as well. Jack Curtain, another local beer writer has a great post about the brewers. Seems they are going to concentrate on English Style ales and session beers (read something below 7 percent alcohol where you are not afraid to have more than two sips without being worried about having to stagger home.) The brewer trained in England ... Hope the market will like these beers!

    Jack's post:

    1. Just a little update, Forest & Main probably won't be opening until late July/early August, they have been slowed by PLCB and all that good stuff :( However there is an opportunity to taste their fine brews during Philly Beer Week, June 9th at P.J. Whelihan’s in Blue Bell and June 10th at London Grille in Philly.

      1. I found out that Forest and Main will be serving at Ambler Oktoberfest this Saturday (Oct 1). Better yet I heard the beer is free if you get a sandwich at Massa :)

        I can't wait to finally tryr their beer, I've heard great things from the various events they have been to.

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        1. re: AmblerGirl

          Were you able to try a taste of Forest & Main at Oktoberfest? I missed the chance :(

          1. re: TheAmblerRambler

            Yes and the beers were great! I tried a pale ale plus a brown ale.

            1. re: AmblerGirl

              Can't wait for the opening! I think they're going to be swarmed!

              1. re: TheAmblerRambler

                if anyone is going to the beer festival in Kennett Square this weekend, Forest and Main will be there as well.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Did this place ever open? Anyone been there?

                  1. re: truffles2

                    It has not opened yet, though they are sampling their beers at several beer and related events. According to their website they should be open later in the fall, depending on permits etc.

        2. 1st for a Brew Pub there is the brew. Next I suppose hospitality and good service and then the pub grub. On these, yet unknowns, if all is good the establishment should flourish. Unless of course there is no one wanting these items, like in no customers, which seems unlikely. With this said should one care about the building? It will be interesting to me to see how they convert this house into a Brew Pub. This is a small house( not a large ornate victorian) in a location with very limited parking or ambiance. It will be interesting to see what they have done on all fronts and to watch them succeed in destination Ambler.

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          1. re: Bacchus101

            I met one of the brewers/co-owners at the Ambler Oktoberfest. He informed me that it should be opening any day now. This area really needs a place for freshly brewed beer--I think Ironhill in North Wales is the closest brewpub to Ambler. I was really bummed when the Drafting Room in Springhouse shut down.

            1. re: Stevefood

              Steve - I completely agree! I know places like KC's alley have been trying to fill the void left by the drafting room by adding some craft beers to their menu, but we defiitely need more! I can't wait for the opening of Forest & Main, I heard it will be by the end of the month.

              As an aside, I also heard that a beer shop is opening in Ambler, specializing in craft beer. It will be in the location of the old drive thru distributor on Butler Ave. I hope its not just a rumor...

              1. re: AmblerGirl

                It appears to be going through a soft opening now, with the grand opening on 4/13. Limited menu, 8 beers on tap, Kitchen open at 5pm.


                1. re: cwdonald

                  CWD-Thanks for the update and link to additional information and pictures. So many components involved in succeeding in this type of a venture. The renovation of the interior of the house certainly appears nicely done and reports on the beers have all been positive. Hope to get to Ambler to give it a try! Good Luck F&M !

                    1. re: TheAmblerRambler

                      I stopped in last night, and enjoyed a quick visit to Forest and Main. First of all, the pictures in the above links do not do it justice. It is in an old house, that has been painstakingly refinished. There are beautiful exposed floors, and wonderful decorations.

                      I sat in the bar room, which is one of four rooms they have, two downstairs and two upstairs. The bar has nine bar stools, with the bar running down the side of the wall. It is not big but quite cozy.

                      Beer. They have eight beers on tap, three of which are on cask. I had their bitter and their dark mild (poor yorick). Both were classic english style ales, with the softness and subtlety that you expect from english ales. I am looking forward to more of these.Beers are available in samplers, 16 or 20 oz pours.

                      Food menu was light. I did have the fish and chips. Two pieces of fish, with chips. The chips were a bit more american style rather than the fatter style you find at a chippy in Britain. Batter was light and crisp on the fish. All in all a very satisfying bite.

                      Finally the staff were all very friendly. Had a great conversation with one of the brewers, and with the bar manager. Everyone is excited about the place and exudes great pride and energy (as they should). Forest and Main really has the potential to be a gem in the burgeoning restaurant scene in Ambler.

                      1. re: cwdonald

                        Thanks for your early review, great to hear the positive comments. Got to get there for sure now!

                        1. re: Bacchus101

                          Visited last night during soft opening. Totally unique place. Tasted all 8 house brews in flights. Kinch & Vera were standouts, 7% smooth APA & dark Belgian ale, respectively. If a 1920's speakeasy, a cute bed & breakfast & a frat house had a baby, it might be called forest & main. Bacon popcorn was only food but full pub menu starting tonight. Very promising.

                          1. re: knappy123

                            Returned for dinner last night. Beers are very good. Tried two saisons that were world class, and a dark farmhouse ale that was great. Began with a cheese and pickled veggie plate. SMall portion, only 1 cheese. I expect this will be rectified. The pickled veggies were outstanding. Entree I had a butter lettuce salad with oranges radish and a poppy seed yogurt dressing. Very nice. They have house made pierogies and I had the english pea pierogies which were delightful. Served in a butter sauce. My DC had the fish and chips and a side of mustard greens that were supposed to accompany the pan roasted chicken breast. The greens were a bit al dente, cooked in a sweetened broth with mushrooms.. Fish again was good but the chips were so thin they were more like potato sticks. Talked with the sous chef later and he said that they are still working on standardizing them. All in all a good meal. I think people will have some issues about portion size here, but the quality of the food is outstanding.