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Jan 19, 2011 05:48 PM

Capt. Jack's in Easthampton MA -- beauty in the form of a clam shack

this road stand opened a week or two ago and i've made it over twice thus far (don't work too far away). really great stuff. i took my daughter and a couple of friends on opening day. between us we had burger, clam roll, fried chickn sandwich, bbq chicken sandwich, fried, coleslaw & onion rings. everything was super fresh (they coated and breaded the chicken & clams just as they were getting ready to cook 'em). thuis meant it too 10 minutes, but reports were wildly enthusiastic. fries & rings were handcut and bountiful, the burger was great. eating in the cold u-haul truck we were in was a little dodgy, but what the heck?
went back yesterday for lunch and they had a really boss pot roast plate i could not pass up. generous slab of gorgeous meat, mashed potatoes, carrots & parsnips (i think) and jus. very damn pleasing. i guess they're doing rotating specials during the winter. i asked the proprietor, kevin (not jack), if they;d be getting clam strips (which y wife prefers to the whole belly ones). he said they weren't, since you can only get 'em frozen and a lot of the time they're not even real clams. i guess the idea is to have all natural (or as natural as you can when yr serving hot dogs!) meats & stuff, with a focus on local produce and stuff. looking forward to many seasons of eats!
a frned who hit the place this week said they also have mexican cokes, but i can not confirm this from where i sit. guess i'll have to go back tomorrow & check!


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  1. wow, where in Easthampton is this?

    1. Stopped by on Friday. They are in a new building on Route 10 to the side of the old Fedor Pontiac. The Onion Rings are "Thin" style. They were a little greasy. A generous portion for $4.00. They have salads available as well. Along with Fries, That's the extent of the Veg. options. It's Take out only, but they bring your order to your car when it's ready. Many people were eating in the car, so I would expect they'll have picnic benches or something come springtime.

      Onion Rings get my 1.75 thumbs up. Not quite as good as Howards in West Brookfield who I think has Hands Down best in Western Mass.
      But, the in the middle of Winter, they're worth a trip.

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        have been hitting this place pretty regularly for their specials and asked the proprietor when they were gonna have some veggie burgers. he said they were working on formulating their own recipes, probably based on portobello mushrooms. anyway, was there yesterday for the bbq beef special & saw they had a portobello burger up on the board. not sure if this is a regular feature from here on out or what. although he did also say (earlier) that they usually have a veggie soup as well as the salad.