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Jan 19, 2011 05:40 PM

Looking for Schneider's "Oh Naturel" Chick'n Nuggets

Our local grocery stopped carrying these Schneider's "Oh Naturel" Chick'n Nuggets that we like -- they are frozen nuggets made of tofu (fake chicken). They won't order them for us... we've spent crazy amounts of time on hold at various Loblaws trying (and failing) to get anyone on staff to tell us whether htey carry them... contacted Schneider's directly and they say they don't have any way of telling us which stores carry the product. Has anybody actually seen them in a store recently in the GTA -- preferably central or east? Thanks!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Fiesta Farms, but I could be wrong.

    Fiesta Farms
    200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

    1. highland farms at ellesmere and... something. had them when i was last there a couple weeks ago.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Fiesta Farms doesn't have them. I just looked for them yesterday when I was there. I bought them a few weeks ago at the Sobey's on the Queensway (the first one you pass travelling west). I have also bought them at the No Frills at Lansdowne and Dundas. Schneiders also makes a breaded "chicken" patty identical to the nuggets, but in a burger shape. Those are really hard to find.

          Fiesta Farms
          200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

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            those patties are amazing. i have bought them at metro stores, i think. or maybe it was loblaws. can't remember. if metro, it would likely be the one on college st.

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              I had the same issue in Montreal. I have to go to Ottawa to get them.
              I usually get them at Metro stores. You may want to check them out.

          2. I'm pretty sure I bought them at Longos and I know Highland Farms carries them. But I buy in Maple, not the GTA. They are AWESOME and my kids LOVE them!

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              Sobeys Leaside has them today (plaza at Laird south of Eglinton).