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Jan 19, 2011 04:00 PM

Pizza help in Norristown

I need to get a gc to a local pizza place (W Norriston/Norrsitown/Jeffersonbville -ish) that delivers. I would love a place that does pizz and wings and other stuff so the recipiant has a choice of what to get. Where might be the best place to get one?
Thanks so much. We rarely do take out pizza and never delivery, maybe one or twice a year, so I am totally clueless.

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  1. Via Veneto on Markley Ave is pretty tasty.

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      Charlie's in East Norriton, at the shopping center at Germantown Pike & Swede. They ROCK and are IMO along with Franzone's in Bridgeport the only 2 decent pizza places around.

    2. Thank you both, I now need to check if they deliver where I need them to. Part fo the gift is a delivery!

      1. Nona Rosas in Jeffersonville...good pizza and wings. I do believe they deliver.

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          I also really like the pizza at Nippers in Jeffersonville. They do a great seafood pizza in a wood burning oven. Unfortunately they do not deliver.

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            I second Nippers in Jeffersonville. I do not think they deliver though (not positive). Main Street Pizza has gone downhill lately in my opinion. Just not what the used to be. IM speaking of the original Main Street Pizza in Norristown, never been to the eagleville location. Charlie's also is great. They use cornmeal in their crust and make a great red-on-top pie. Charlie's does not deliver. But Via Veneto is definately the best pizzeria-style pizza in norristown. Just greasy enough, floppy, but not too messy. I know all have been mentioned already but wanted to add my two-cents. Wings is an entirely different subject.

            Main Street Cafe
            126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921

        2. Give Main Street Pizzeria & Grille a try. They're in Eagleville. John or Arthur will take care of you and they deliver. I'm very high on their food.

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            Sorry to bring up an old thread, but I have to cast a vote for Nonna Rosa...had their pizza for the first time this weekend and was really pleasantly surprised...great sauce, great crust, all in all, a great pie. Charlie's red-top however, is still quite awesome too.

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              I don't believe Charlie's delivers...FYI

              My 2 cents is to avoid Franzone's unless you like your pizza sauce to taste like pure sugar. UGH!