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Jan 19, 2011 04:00 PM

My list of restaurants - but what about the dishes to try?

We're heading to Paris for 10 days in April - our honeymoon, yay! (2nd marriage, even sweeter) - and I have been reading this board for months trying to narrow down our 'must try' list. Also I compared and contrasted CW with a few other foodie blogs and ended up going for the best cross matches that met our criteria - great food!!! Anywhere in Paris!!! No fancy pants Michelin places, they always tend to disappoint (or the equivalent does, where I come from - Sydney).....

We are staying in an apartment in rue Peronnet, hence a bit of a nod to the 7th in the list but otherwise I think we have spread out?

* Frenchie
* Spring
* Regelade St Honore
* L'Hedoniste
* L'Ami Louis
* Chex Dumonet
* Le Violon
* l'Agape
* L'Agrume
*Jeanne A
* Les Cocottes

The information that I have found hardest to research is what individual dishes these restaurants do best. I would love some local input on this. We're both pretty adventurous travellers and foodies (last trip was to Damascus) but unfortunately I am not overly fond of offal. Other than that, anything goes!

Also, what would be the recs for food shopping around where we live?

We also love wine bars but I am assuming that they will become evident as we wander and most will be pretty good?

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  1. Oops. By CW I actually meant CH.

    1. Frenchie -- it's a limited menu that changes daily so you'll just have to see and pick which of the two choices for each course you like -- reserve now if you haven't yet
      Spring -- no choice, it's prix fixe -- reserve now if you haven't yet
      Regalade St. Honore -- I like their soups and the pot de creme or rice pudding for dessert
      Le Violon -- dishes with crab for entree and bass for main
      Les Cocottes -- salad with pancetta and egg, crab in a jar, langoustine ravioli and chocolate tart

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        I'm guessing you might be able to reserve Spring for April although when I rang a couple of days ago (admittedly for early July) the person I spoke to said they would only take reservations a maximum of two months ahead. This isn't exactly the impression I've had from the Chowhound board where reserving 3 or 4 months ahead gets recommended!

        1. re: johannabanana

          Thanks for posting this. I will be in Paris in July as well and was going to call Spring this week to ask about their reservation policy.

          1. re: Nancy S.

            Thanks for this info.....I was intending to get a friend who speaks good french to call both Frenchie and Spring on the weekend....from my research these seemed to be the most popular? So I shall report back on what they say about their bookings policy. The others I will all reserve approx 3 weeks before (except I believe Les Cocottes has a no bookings policy?) Also I forgot to include Saturne on my original list.

            1. re: PixieM

              Frenchie is closed on the weekends, so your friend should call today or tomorrow.

      2. At Chez Dumonet try the pigeon and the souffle.

        1. Whatever's on the special board is what you should have. It's pretty hard to go wrong with that.

          1. Read my posts on L'Ami Louis dishes, my fav in Paris