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Jan 19, 2011 03:34 PM

Waterstone Bar and Grilll

Has anyone dined there? --Well, Hubby and I took a chance on an early dinner on a Sunday. The restaurant was virtually empty of diners. So sad. (Which makes me recall the dinner we had at Alizee on a Saturday night--primetime--we were the only diners--back in December).

Back to Waterstone--it seemed so lonely--comfortable atmosphere. The wait staff was wonderfully friendly, but non obtrusive.

The beet salad wowed me. Tons of beets along with a horseradishe infused dressing and blue cheese. HUbby HATED IT. He doesn't appreciate blue cheese nor horseradish. Too bad!!!

Hubby ordered the tuna rare-- His only complaint was that it wasn't "sliced." It was a beautifully prepared tuna steak. He did enjoy the accompanying vegetables.

My baby lamb chops were delectable, along with the sides of fingerling potatoes and slivered veggies.

All-in-all, a very nice experience--very favorable pricing for the quality of food. Service was wonderful.

I would like to return sometime in the near future if I can convince Hubby that he needs to change his attitude. FoiGras

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  1. FoiGras, did you go back, and if so, was it just as good? I just read Baltimore Magazine's very positive review, and am thinking about trying it. Anyone else have any feedback??? It's a restaurant that I don't hear mentioned very much (if at all).

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      stephanieg--haven't as yet returned to Waterstone. But plan to do so in the near future (especially since I have a coupon from the Sun Paper).

      Here's the scoop--my hubby was under impressed on account of a mini issue--his rare tuna wasn't cut as thin as he is accustomed to where he orders it at other restaurants. (So What?!).

      On a positive note (and not making an issue over my husband's opinion)--the restaurant was virtually empty on a very cold January Sunday evening. Probably most restaurants were fairly vacant on that particular night.

      Our waitress was extremely pleasant and efficient. The atmosphere in the restauant was nicely subdued and I loved the ambience with the "waterstone" fountains.

      My beet salad was exceptionally tasty--tons of beets and salad--great dressing, etc. My lamchops were perfectly grillled. Hubby's rare tuna was actually very good (despite his grumblings that it wasn't sliced very thinly--boo hoo).

      All in all, the service, atmosphere and food are worthy of a return trip, I hope this restaurant succeeds and isn't another fatality. It needs some love and support and deservedly so. FoiGras

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        Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The lack of others' comments to the thread makes me suspect that this restaurant will have some challenges garnering a following...

        Happy eats,

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          stephanieg--totally agree with your observation.

          I suspect that one reason is the location of the restaurant. It's across from some parking garage near Maryland General Hospital, if memory serves me correctly. (It was a bitterly cold night and we were fortunate enough to find a parking spot directly in front of the restaurant. I hurried to get inside and wasn't paying much attention to the outdoor surroundings). FoiGras

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            Thanks to your positive review, we ventured to Waterstone on Friday night. It was a wonderful experience! I especially appreciated the wine list-- everything was "wine store" priced, and then you pay a corkage fee for the bottle. We definitely paid much less for our wine than we would have at a typical restaurant.

            We started with 2 appetizers, the falafel and the baked feta. The falafel was amazing-- large flavorful patties with a crisp (but not greasy) exterior, and tender, moist center. We also loved the accompanying tzaiki sauce. The baked feta was a bit salty for my taste, but my husband was a fan.

            For dinner, we both ordered the blackened tuna burger. It was fantastic and excellent quality for the price (just $12!). I got mine with the sweet potato fries. Wow-- they are addictive! They were clearly fresh cut, and topped with cinnamon and honey.

            Although we were quite stuffed by this point, we wanted to try dessert. We ended up sharing the tiramisu cake. It was very good, but lacked the lusciousness of an authentic tiramasu (which I prefer).

            We definitely will be back!!! FoiGras' observation that Waterstone "needs some love and support" still, unfortunately, rings true. When we arrived at 7 it was moderately filled (probably thanks to their great happy hour prices), but when we left, it was practically empty.

            1. re: stephanieg

              stephanieg--I am delighted that you concurred with a positive experience at Waterstone. It appears as though you enjoyed a very favorable meal.,

              Hubby and I are planning a return visit sometime this week or next. Will definitely provide our second opinion. But, since you gave the restaurant a good heads up, we are even more inclined to return very soon.

              I may order some of the items you guys ordered. I loved their beet salad and lamb chops. Hubby liked his rare ahi tuna--only complaint from his perspective was that the tuna was a "thick" cut versus the slivers that he prefers. Nonetheless, it truly is a sweet, pleasant restaurant, with very reasonable prices and a lovely atmosphere with exceptional service. Thanks for your response. FoiGras

    2. We headed back to Waterstone last night - after our first visit two years ago. It has clearly gone downhill. Either it's understaffed or the staff that is there is not attentive- though very friendly, we were not greeted for more than 5 minutes upon entering. We were then seated at a table that was reserved for another party and asked to move- the staff apologized and comped our first drinks. Sadly, the plates, glasses and silverware were dirty- it was hard for me to focus on the food. However, the food was good- we ordered tapas dishes which were awkwardly timed, served one at a time very slowly- roasted salmon on cucumber (delicious), seasoned fries (which were under-seasoned and we requested salt shaker on the table) steak tips on pita points (great, but hard to eat neatly), bacon mac 'n cheese (which was super disappointing, dry and not seasoned enough) and dolmades. Overall, not a great experience and we won't be going back. We'd previously met the owner and there was no sign of her during last night's visit. All the customers cleared out nearly simultaneously making me think they were all headed to a show- we dined fairly early. Anyone else been there recently? Do you think it's changed?