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Jan 19, 2011 03:34 PM

ideas for these leftovers

I have a mixture of raw ground beef, fresh spinach, onion, garlic, white rice. It was part of a mixture for stuffed peppers. Any other ideas for it?

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  1. They sound like tasty meatballs. Add more garlic and some oregano and they're Greekish, good with pita and some tzatsiki, together with chopped fresh tomato and cucumber, a little feta.

    1. I would use the leftovers to make some sort of glazed meatballs you can wrap in spinach leaves (instead of lettuce). Or add the spinach to the meat along with all the rest of your stuff, insert a cube of mozzarella cheese and serve with a tomato sauce. You could also make kebabs on lemongrass skewers.

      1. Cook it up and make an omelet or frittata - if you have a little feta, that would be good in there too.

        1. You could make soup out of the mixture. Just brown the mixture in a little oil, add however much broth makes it the consistency you want, maybe a can of petit cut tomatoes, some herbs, black pepper, some diced carrot. Simmer until the rice and veggies are cooked. You may have to add some extra broth because the rice will absorb a lot (unless, of course, the rice was already cooked before you started.)

          You could also make some meatballs with the mixture.

          1. Nice layered with sauteed eggplant (I score, salt, and drain mine first, then flour lightly.) You could sauce it with a tomato sauce spiced with a little garlic, clove, allspice, sprinkle with a little feta or smoked mozzarella, and bake. You could also give the meat the same sauce treatment only give the spicing a chili and cumin twist, and layer it with fusilli or elbow macaroni (good old Texas hash!)And if the rice is cooked, you could incorporate it into scrambled eggs with a little oregano and basil for Joe's Special; throw in some cooked Italian sausage if you have it, but it's fine if you don't.