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Jan 19, 2011 02:05 PM

Robuchon: What to order??

Greeting Vegas Chowhounds. Kindly help a LA Chowhound out. My friend made reservations at Robuchon at the MGM. Can any give me their review and recommendations on any must order items? I looked on the Robuchon website but didn't see any prices. I expect that the meal will be costly but what should I expect per person without alcohol....$120, $150, $200, $250???

I appreciate any input that can be given.

Thanks again!

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  1. Are you looking at the mgm grand site?

    There are prices except for the ala carte menu.
    The big tasting is $385.
    The prix fixes are $115 to $230.

    We're going in a few weeks and we'll probably do the 6 course for $230.
    Honestly I don't think I could do the 16 course tasting.
    I was very full after the 6 course.

    I hope your friend booked the free limo too.

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    1. re: zippyh

      Thanks about the tip about the limo! We would have missed the detail if you had not mentioned.

      Thanks again!

    2. Not sure why you don't see the prices, but basically there's a 16 course Degustation (tasting) menu for $385 and several Prix Fixe menus of various #'s of courses and $$ (4 courses $180, 6 courses $230, couple of two course options). These give you choices between say 4 desserts or 8 main plates or four apps or whatever). Then there's the a la carte menu, which does NOT show prices (maybe this is what you saw?) but these are pretty high.

      I think the best value is in the 4 or 6 course prix fixe meals.

      Over three visits I've had the degustation menu once and the six course prix fixe twice, while my wife had the four course prix fixe all three times. One of the six course meals was the best meal I've ever had but the two main dishes are no longer on the menu. I wasn't wowed by the degustation menu and there was one wobble in the other 6 course meal I had. Similar situation for my wife, one meal was the best she's ever had (we dined 16 times at Michelin 3* or Forbes/Mobil 5* restaurants last year, so high praise) but the other two meals were not quite as good due to one dish being not quite to her liking (lamb a bit chewy once, lobster a bit tough another time).

      Off the prix fixe menu up on the site right now I've had one app (Truffled langoustine ravioli with chopped cabbage) and it was excellent; both of the soups (which I thought just OK, not exceptional ... earlier they had a smoked eel with tofu sauce that was exceptional), 3 of the main plates ("Braised veal cheeks in Thai broth" was excellent, "La Langouste" & "Le Bar" were OK but not great) ... unfortunately the sea urchin with lobster, which was the best main dish I had all year, is no longer on the menu).

      All of the desserts are new since our last trip ... in general the desserts are exceptional.

      I would suggest either the 4 or 6 course prix fixe menu. You can make substitutions for some of these, either with the a la carte menu (we traded the cheese for another dessert last time, for example) or with something from the Degustation menu, they are good about letting you do this so long as the prices are roughly equal.

      In addition to the 4 or 6 courses you also get a great amuse bouche (caviar and king crab) and a candy trolley after dessert, with tea or coffee included in the base price. So basically two additional courses.

      As for the final tab, in addition to the base cost they charge $10/bottle for water and alcohol is pretty expensive (same age/brand of tawny port was $25 here and $18 at Alex, for example). And they'll offer champagne at the beginning of the meal but it is NOT included, I hear it's $40/glass or so, so just say no unless you really want it.


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      1. re: willyum

        Thank you very much for the detailed review. I appreciate you help and knowledge. I think we'll do the 6 course and add any additional dishes the we may crave. I'm glad to hear they are flexible about substituting dishes.

      2. I ate there as a solo diner just around this time last year. Yes, definitely make sure you take advantage of the limo option.

        In terms of menu, I had the full-on 16 course tasting menu, so given that and the time frame it would be hard to recommend specific dishes for you. Also, for your reference including tax, tip, and a not overly expensive (for JR) bottle of wine, my total was right at $600 ... not a cheap meal by any stretch.

        I remember thinking upon leaving that the next time I am there I would not do more than the 6 course -- not because I have a problem on the consumption side, but more on the $$$ side with the full tasting menu.

        Just my $.02

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        1. re: a213b

          I'll be dining solo at Robuchon in April (I've already made my reservation); when should I call to book the free limo? And does the limo take you back to your hotel? Sounds like I'll probably do the 6 course menu. Thanks.

          1. re: ellenost

            We've booked the limo when we made reservations. They just asked if we wanted it both times.
            The limo will take you back to your hotel or somewhere on the strip. You can either use the limo right after your meal or they'll give you a voucher and you can use it later.

            1. re: zippyh

              Thanks for the info. I had made my reservation on-line. I'll call the reservation line directly and ask about reserving the limo.

              1. re: ellenost

                Yes, I too made my reservation online, and if I remember correctly I called them (or maybe when they called me to re-confirm the res) a couple of days before the actual date and we set up the limo service then, via phone.

                And as zippy pointed out, they will either offer it straight-away after your dinner, or you may use a voucher. FWIW I tipped the driver a $20 each way, I think.

        2. I have been reading all this great information, and have a few questions myself.

          I will be in Vegas by myself in April also, and would like to dine either at Robuchon or L'Atelier by Robuchon for a meal.

          What are your thoughts comparing the two?

          Does L'Atelier offer the complimentary Limo as well?

          At Robuchon I would probably do the 4 course, not sure at L'Atelier. The Seasonal Discovery Menu at $155 seems like a good option. Of course the $49 L'Unique looks to be a great deal also. Not sure about the Degustation menu here - they don't have the price listed for that one so would have to find out if it is as expensive as the one at Robuchon.

          Thanks so much!

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          1. re: csb95

            We actually slightly prefer L'Atelier although we're going to Robuchon this upcoming trip. We usually go to LAS 3 or 4 times a year and almost always hit L'Atelier.
            We like sitting at the counter and watching them cook. It's a much more casual environment than next door plus of course the cost is lower.

            The limo is just for Robuchon.

            The Degustation menu on the mgm site isn't a tasting menu but is an ala carte listing of smaller plates you can order. We usually get the Discovery menu although last time we ordered the Club menu and supplemented it.

            BTW, I don't think the Discovery and Club menu listed online has ever matched exactly what they were serving when we went there. They were usually pretty close though.

            1. re: csb95

              Some years ago went to L'Atelier as they had room at 5:30. Fun to watch them cook. Bread was the best! (They had their own bakery.) French fries and steak tartare were mediocre. Went two nights in a row to sample everything. Would return though now find on my trip this week to LV there're sold out. Will go to Joe's Stone crab (for the key lime pie), but where else? I don't want a lot of meat.

            2. I just got back from Vegas this weekend and wanted to touch base on my experience at Robuchon. Yes, we did get the Limo that picked us up at the MGM after a musical. We tipped the driver about $20 per trip.

              We arrived at private entrance and near the Villa's for guest of the hotel. We were seated in a lounge area until our personal hostess arrived to personally walk us to the restaurant. We ordered the 6 course menu ($230 per person) and were able to select each course from each category.

              They were very flexible in giving us alternatives. For example, normally for the 6 course menu you have a choice of one appetizer and than an option of soup. 2 people in our party choose 2 appetizers instead of having the soup. One of our party had the cheese selection instead of a desert. They have a great bread cart. I particularly favored the bacon and mustard beard and the gruyere Brioche.

              In our Party of 3 we tried the following appetizers:

              Le Foie Gras
              duo mêlé d’artichaut violet en salade aux copeaux de parmigiano reggiano
              Foie gras and violet artichoke salad with parmesan shavings

              La Langoustine
              truffée et cuite en ravioli à l'étuvée de chou vert
              Truffled langoustine ravioli with chopped cabbage (Suppl. $35)

              Le Homard
              en salade mimosa de chou-fleur fondant à l’aigre doux et des croûtons dorés
              Lobster salad with sweet and sour cauliflower mimosa and croutons

              La Châtaigne
              et le foie gras dans un fin velouté soyeux sur un voile virtuel de lard fumé
              Light chestnut velouté with foie gras, smoked lardons foam

              Although the ravioli was a signature dish, my personal favorite was the lobster salad. I was a bit disappointed that the Foie gras was a cold dish vs. warm version. I liked the soup, although some in our party thought it was too there such a condition as too rich..not in my book.

              For entrees we had the following:

              La Langouste
              dans une nage iodée, ravigoté de saké et daikon au nori
              Spiny lobster topped with daikon and nori in a sake broth

              Le Riz
              nacré aux pistils de safran, homard rôti au beurre salé et un bouillon épicé
              Saffron pistil flavored rice, in salted butter roasted lobster with spiced bouillon

              Le Bœuf
              la noix d'entrecôte émincée, épinards au wasabi et légumes arlequins
              Beef ribeye, wasabi spinach and a medley of bell peppers

              The saffron rice came with lobster and they added the bouillon at the table. The rice soaked up the bouillon and was very fragrant and appealing. The spiny lobster was served with sake broth that I thought was bit overpowering to the delicate flavor of the lobster. The ribeye was good but not the best I've had.

              Perfect service except the end put a damper to a great meal. At the end of the meal they had a host walk us and another party back to the limo service. While the other party waited in the louge area, my party waited outside. The host also went inside. A limo pulled up and before enter we confirmed that the limo was under our name. After being seated the host knocks on the the limo door and ask us to exit!! He says that another party had been already waiting! Not awkward or tacky right? He should have been outside to insure that the correct party was escorted in the right limo. Additionally the limo driver stated that we were the correct party. It was just a very uncomfortable ending to what would have been a very nice dinner.

              For the this caliber of restaurant these blatant mistakes should not happen without a sincere apology that we did not receive. I personally did not make the reservations but if I did I would make sure the management was aware of the situation.

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              1. re: issey

                Thanks for your very detailed report. I have a reservation at Robuchon for early April, and have already called to reserve the limo. Thanks for the warning about the limo.