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Jan 19, 2011 02:02 PM

Sugar Cane--What do I do with it?

Just was given a two foot long stalk of sugar cane.

Don't know anything to do with it except grill shrimp paste on it in the Vietnamese mode. And I'm not going to do that.

Other ideas?

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  1. How about Sugar Cane Pork Tenderloin? If you halve the recipe I think you'd have enough sugar cane.

    1. Cut a 2 inch portion off, peel it, and chew for the sweetness (spit out the fibre). It's a common street snack in the Subcontinent. It also makes a delicious juice, but may need a more heavy-duty juicer than one finds at home.

      1. We used to steal a stalk from the cane fields down in Louisiana every now and then. It is very hard to cut, and a little difficult to peel. As kids we'd cut ourselves trying, but loved to sit around and chew it, spitting out the fibrous part, just as tavegyl says. Just wanted to say to be careful. Two more ideas on use:

        Slice it up thinly and use it as a garnish/stirrer in drinks, plain or with a piece or two of beautiful fruit. I think they would keep well frozen if you want to keep them for a party (sans fruit, of course). The fibers just do not break down. (Could be wrong, though.)

        Make dessert skewers with broiled fruit. The cane skewers will get a golden color so be sure to leave some of the cane visible. Carefully poke a hole in one end with an ice pick and stick in a sprig of mint for color.

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          Thanks to all! It never occurred to me to use them as skewers. I think that;s what I will try and see how it works out.