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Jan 19, 2011 11:07 AM

Il Fiore - Collingswood

Anyone know what the story is with this place? Drove past the other night after dinner at Blackbird and the line to get in at 8:30 had to have been 20-30 people deep. Drove past a few weeks prior and it was the same. Is this a must hit? I can't seem to find much about it? Thanks in advance! -mJ

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  1. nifoodies.............."A must hit ?"... Yes, if you love good.....sorry, ..very good Italian, .....then don't drive by next time, park, wait in line if you must,.....and you won't regret it.......excellent, and those waiting in line, are for the most part, repeat customers.......i know, I spoke to themi.

    1. I have been there several times and have enjoyed my meals each time and a great value too. Love their Clamari (grilled) app. Last time was an Eagle playoff Sunday so there was no problem walking right in.
      My only complaint is that I never have room for desset.

      1. i like this place a lot. no nonsense, no pretense authentic italian. i always enjoy my meal. my only issue is that they pack people in like sardines which is extremely uncomfortable at times - if you are in a group. my other issue is that when the door opens, diners get a huge blast of cold air in the winter.

        i actually love going at lunch. less crowded and i can always get a seat far from the door!

        check it out foodies - i think you will like it.