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Jan 19, 2011 10:07 AM

Lenclume - good food guide celebration night.

The Good food guide is having a 50th anniversary celebration dinner on Sunday 13th february and it`s being held at Lenclume in Cartmel , Cumbria.Chefs Simon Rogan and special guest chef Jason Atherton will be cooking a fabulous dinner consisting of 14 courses.
The night will also involve a Q&A session with Liz Carter , Simon and Jason and all attendees will get a copy of the new Good food guide cookbook.Sounding like a good night people.

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  1. Price? And how many people will they accomodate? Just curious......

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    1. re: zuriga1

      I phoned them just now... Its £199 for 14 courses plus all drinks.
      They`re also including a Good food guide recipe book ...Signed by the chefs.
      and a copy of the 2011 Good food guide.
      Plenty of availability as they only started advertising yesterday.
      Hope this helps , should be a decent night.

      1. re: sped98

        That's £400 for a couple plus lodging for at least one night. It sounds like a great meal, but food is not the biggest priority of my life and I was just in the Lake District not long ago. And I have a copy of the Good Food Guide. :-) Thanks for calling and getting the information.