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Jan 19, 2011 09:55 AM

Texting your server

Saw this the toher day. I like it in theory, but this is probably going to end in pain:

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  1. Similar to the use of iPads in restaurants, I'm not totally sure beyond the novelty it's such a great addition/investment to the dining experience. Was a time having the chef come to your table was the ultimate...gadgets have their place but I like the personal touch.

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    1. re: HillJ

      i agree with this. part of going to a restaurant is the service. id much rather cut out the server by talking to the chef

      its especially true for me because i try to eat very healthy and normally have several special requests for my meals, and im pretty sure thatd be much trickier with a tablet based ordering service

    2. Some day the menu is going to be a tablet pc (or Ipad). Check off your selections hit enter and it's sent to the kitchen. You'll still need a server to ask questions and to open the wine. I see an additional feature where the prices displayed can change based on supply and demand. Running out of a dessert because it's very popular the price will rise. No ones ordering the Ravioli the prices goes down. Maximize value and reduce waste.

      Not sure I want to eat at this restaurant. How about auction pricing?


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        I was thinking that, too, about ordering at the table and you could also pay at the table the way you do at self service grocery stores. I see it at casual chains like Applebees. The servers have enough to worry about w/out trying to hear an order correctly in a loud room especially w/ people who mumble. At Disney, they have fast food places where you put in your own order and pay. You bring the receipt w/ the number to a window where someone has already assembled it and put it on a tray and the window person just grabs it and gives it to you. So efficient. No one is there for the service, just for a quick bite to eat.


        Leave your phones at home you juvenile jerks!

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            ah but in this scenario Red Top the restaurant is encouraging the use of text.

            1. re: RedTop

              Wow. Did you actually read the article? The restaurants are initiating this. It won't work at a lot of places, but for a casual bar/grill type of place, it makes a lot of sense.

              Phones are part of the world we live in. I cringe when I hear loud conversations on the bus or in restaurants, but the people that talk loudly on phones in public are often just as loud/annoying without the phones. Most people have figured out how to use phones to enhance the social experience, not hamper it.

              1. re: mpjmph

                As you say, It may work in some places such as the ones geared to the younger generation. This ol' geezer still doesn't text, tweet or twit. I don't even know the difference between them. For my part, I still want a waitperson to serve.

                1. re: mucho gordo

                  And texting is a rather silent means of communication, where cell phoning is not. I'd still rather talk to the restaurant employees.

                2. re: mpjmph

                  This plan won't work at the place that's mentioned in the article. While the downstairs is a low key local yokel bar, the upstairs is a place to tie not just a few on. Even if I knew my table number, once this takes off the server is going to be inundated with the "uhh, what's your number babe?" texts and make it worthless.

                  I personally like the idea in theory at a place like this - charlies is freaking crowded, but it won't work.

              2. I prefer the way they do it at AYCE Korean bbq restaurants. There's a button at every table. You want service, press the button and the server shows up. Much easier on everyone.

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                  Worked on the Adams Family :)

                2. Rather than leave a tip, can you just text "Like"?