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Jan 19, 2011 09:16 AM

Where there's gas, there's food (and vice-versa)

A comment on another thread about gas stations that serve food got me to thinking about these places. I don't mean Sheetz, Wawa and 7-Eleven, I mean places like:

Clarksburg General Store-rt. 355 @121
Decent steak and cheese sub and breakfast, beer to go.

Washingtonian Chevron/Taco Bar-Sam Eig Hwy@Washingtonian Drive
Excellent tacos, posole, beer and wine to go.

Sunshine Deli and Fuel-Rt 97@550-breakfast, burgers, grilled half smokes. Groaty but good. I think they have beer to go.

Middletown BP-Alt. 40 east of 17-pretty good handmade pizza. Another noteworthy for sheer practicality, Rudy's Welding and Cold Beer just west of town on Alt. 40.

Mountainvale General Store-Fish Hatchery Road west off 15
good sliced barbecue sandwiches, breakfast, burgers.

Shell Station at US1 and MD170-Decent tacos and tortas, though not as good as aforementioned Taco Bar in Gaithersburg.

What else am I missing?

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        1. re: monkeyrotica

          I was kidding. It was covered pretty thoroughly in the other thread. I have to get down there.

    1. The Shell station is R&R, and it's actually MD 175 and Rt 1. And technically it's in it's own "partition", but still should be on the list.

      I haven't been, and I am not sure if gas is still sold there, but there's a Thai place in Leesburg in a gas station.

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      1. re: Dennis S

        Yes, R and R is a weird set-up. You are separated from the drink cooler by a sheet of plexiglass, meaning you have to go in through the gas station to access it. My drill is to order and go get my drink before the food comes up.

      2. Town Grill in Lisbon: really good subs and breakfast.

        Town Grill
        15943 Frederick Rd, Woodbine, MD 21765

        1. global cafe in the exxon station
          11310 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring

          african food. cow foot. homemade hotsauce. homemade ginger juices etc.