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Jan 19, 2011 06:40 AM

Emeril Lagasse coming to Charlotte

Per Helen Schwab's blog, Emeril Lagasse will open a restaurant somewhere in the Levine Center for the Arts campus Uptown, I assume inside the Duke Energy Tower. Other restaurants set to open there include Energy Cafe, Mizan (Mediterranean restaurant and lounge) and Emzy Asian.Sushi Bar (like we need another Asian fusion/sushi place).

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  1. I have not heard about Emeril opening a restaurant in Charlotte. It will be outstanding if he does. He closed his restaurant on the MS Gulf Coast recently but all the others are doing great I think. He has great people working for him and does a fine job.

    1. I thought the same thing. Seriously, how much sushi/fusion do we need in Charlotte, particularly uptown?

      1. This will last 23 months. Anyone for over? under?

        1. Is it too much to ask for an actual Japanese restaurant? You know, one that actually serves Japanese food, not just sushi? And is affordable? Or even a Korean restaurant. Hell, Indian or Vietnamese? Those are your "Asian" foods that would fill a hole downtown. Yes I know about the Japanese and Indian places in Latta Arcade, but we could stand more.

          Who eats at these fake Asian fusion places anyway? I don't know anyone that does.

          1. I was delighted to read this bit of news. Emeril's restaurant in Atlanta was such a home to us, we haven't been to Atlanta since it closed. We'll make the trip to Charlotte when it opens. Besides serving outstanding food, every aspect of a visit to Emeril's restaurants usually is a delight. If the food, service and hospitality are anywhere close to Atlanta, we'll be frequent visitors.