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Jan 19, 2011 06:34 AM

Birthday Cake in Financial District?

Our office likes to have birthday cakes for co-workers birthdays. Is there anywhere in the Financial District that makes (non-ice cream) birthday cakes? (We typically go to the North End)

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  1. There's a small Rosie's Bakery outlet in South Station that typically has a decent selection of cakes in the case.

    1. Eldo Cake House in Chinatown on Harrison.

      Eldo Cake House
      36 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA

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        Yep, when I was working in the financial district, this is what coworkers would ask me to get for the birthdays. They loved it, and weren't comfortable venturing into the bakeries themselves.

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          2nd this. Growing up, whenever my mom didn't make us birthday cakes she would get them from Eldo. My favorite was the one with the strawberries on the inside. YUM!

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            I should've added that while we grew up on Eldo, I prefer Crown Royal's mixed fruit cakes these days. They can still make custom cakes with just strawberries or pineapples inside, but I've grown to like the mixed fruit. I find the fruit on Crown Royal's cakes to look a tad fresher than Eldo's. But if I had a to buy a cake down town, I'd still go for a Chinatown bakery cake.

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              Good to know. I'll try them next time I have a cake craving. Thanks!

        2. Rosie's is the best (IMO) among the closest. Flour Bakery in Fort Point also does birthday cakes. Many people rave but I tend to find them a bit too dense/heavy.

          Flour Bakery + Cafe
          12 Farnsworth St, Boston, MA

          1. They aren't super awesome or anything, but when I had an office that did this we often got our cake from Sebastians. They have a fair selection in their corporate catering menu.

            1. Rosie's is great and also J Pace on Devonshire St has good cakes.

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                Pace on Devonshire is closed for good.