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Mind Blowing French Onion Soup?

I'd love to find some. I searched and didn't see any threads dedicated to this, curious if anyone has had transcendent soupe à l'oignon?

Thanks for the input guys!

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  1. a show was on yesterday that featured the best of cheese.
    there were 10 restaurants that won rave reviews having anything to do with a cheese product they made. I don't have more info on the restaurant or the chef, who is frequently on "Chopped"..............bald guy, lots of tats ..........oh, let me look it/him up.
    Chris Santos

    coming in at #2
    "Stanton Social"...........for their French Onion Soup Dumplings

    hope that helps

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      Those are French onion soup dumplings. They are interesting, but if the OP is looking for soup in a bowl, rather than in a little piece of dough, he will be disappointed.

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        was only trying to help with something I just saw Small H

    2. Balthazar is number one in my book. Artisanal does a nice job too.

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        The onion soup is one of the worst things that Balthazar does. I had to send one back recently for lack of soup. It was all bread and cheese.

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            Isn't there supposed to be soup in the soup?

            I make this at home, so I have some experience to go by.

            They do not call it French bread and cheese in a bowl, do they?

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              Guess I'm lucky then. When I've gone I've gotten soup too!

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                I agree. I think Balthazar's is fantastic. Of course, I've only had it once, so maybe I just got lucky.

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          I like Artisanal's better than Balthazar's, i like both though.

        2. This is completely awesome. I have reservations for Stantion for brunch this Sunday so that's killer news, and I always manage to swing by Balthazar at an off hour for a quick snack every time I visit. So far so good guys, thanks! :)

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            The soup dumpling are definitely delicious. One of my fave twist on this dish. But like Small H said...it's less a soup and more a dumpling

          2. La Petite Auberge is a longtime favorite of ours. The onion soup there is excellent. The broth has good flavor, there are always lots of caramelized onions and a thick layer of cheese on top.

            Photo of La Petite Auberge's onion soup can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11863391...


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              funny but that is exactly what I thought of
              very very good stuff

            2. I appreciate all the input guys!

              This is the "unicorn" I've been chasing. Oddly I ate at Le Chateaubriand, Chez L'Ami Jean, Frenchie, L'Atelier, etc when I was in Paris last year, and this is hands down the most memorable thing I consumed on the trip, it was at a random sidewalk bistro. I would have fought someone to the death if they tried to take that soup away from me haha.

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                Les Halles actually has great FOS. The rest of the food is not good.

                Les Halles
                15 John Street, New York, NY 10038

              2. If you want to take a long drive (110 miles), Rowdy Hall in East Hampton serves wonderful onion soup.

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                1. The ones I am most familiar with are La Petite Auberge and Les Halles. LPA is an excellent restaurant, and overall the food is far superior to LH, but I slightly prefer the onion soup at LH because the broth has a more intense flavor. The rest of the food at LH is mediocre with a few exceptions, such as steak tartare, boudin noir, and choucroute.

                  1. I really like the French onion soup at Artisanal and La Petite Auberge (although it's been a long time since I've dined at LPA, I trust my good friend RGR's judgment).

                    La Petite Auberge
                    116 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10016

                    1. Over in the West Village, my favorites are at (1) RIPAILLE on Hudson St., bet. 12th & Bethune; and (2) PARIS BISTRO on Greenwich St. bet. Bethune and Bank Streets; but please note that everything else I ordered at the PARIS BISTRO was truly a disappointment (Really! Only the soup was good). I'd like to go back for only the soup and a really good glass of wine, but that's it.

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                        I believe you are referring to Paris Commune on Greenwich St.? I agree that the food is generally disappointing, but I have not tried their onion soup.

                        Paris Commune
                        99 Bank St, New York, NY 10014

                      2. Had a delightful bowl at Ca Va

                        Ca Va
                        310 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036

                        1. Trip report- Tried a bowl at Les Halles and Balthazar, and the French Onion Soup Dumplings at Stantion Social. Meal at Stantion was incredible but oddly one of the least favorite dishes at our table (4 of us) was the dumplings. Not bad, but the dumpling portion just didn't stand up to the pungent cheese

                          As far as soup went, Balthazar blew Les Halles out of the water, it was much more true to style and all around much tastier too.

                          Thanks for the input everyone!!

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                            I agree. I like Stanton Social, but I dont think the French onion soup dumplings are a standout. FWIW I like Artisanal more than Balthazaar so if you're ever there you can give it a try.

                            Stanton Social
                            99 Stanton Street, New York, NY 10002

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                              Will do! Artisanal and Degustation are on my list for next time. I live in FL and try to make it up to NY every few months for a weekend of eating and drinking debauchery :)

                          2. Here are some pics, the white tablecloth is Balthazar.

                            1. A.O.C. on Bleecker and Grove has the best french onion soup I've ever had.

                              1. I had very good (though perhaps not mind-blowing) onion soup a couple of times at Balthazar's sister restaurant, Pastis. Very good comfort food that I recommend.

                                1. ...just had a great bowl at Colicchio & Sons last night. This version had bacon and white grapes - sounds eclectic, but it was really delicious.

                                  Colicchio & Sons
                                  85 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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