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Jan 19, 2011 06:03 AM

Question about Cast Iron

So I work for a very generous woman at a very good company. For the holidays, she gave me some points that I can use on a website to purchase any number of items. I've really been wanting an enameled cast iron Dutch oven forever, obviously preferably LC. There is one offered but it doesn't specifiy what brand it is. It's certainly not Le Crueset or Lodge. The description says "4qt. Round Casserole Cobalt it's cast iron cookware with a colorful twist. The bright porcelain enamel surface doesn't need pre-seasoning so you get the heat retention of cast iron. Round casserole with lid - 4 qt.".

My question is, can I assume this can be used on the stovetop and in the over? Any concerns? I know it's technically free but if it's not going to work properly, there are plenty of other things on the site I could choose.

Weigh in folks and TIA.

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  1. I am 99.9% sure it can be used on a stovetop range and in the oven. I cannot imagine a enameled cast iron cookware which cannot be used on a stovetop and in the oven -- this is because both cast iron and enameled porcelain can handle high heat. The only exception is that many of these enameled cast iron cookware have plastic knob/handle (for safety) and these knobs have a temperature limitation. For example, a Lodge Color enameled Dutch Oven has a plastic knob which cannot be heated above 400oF. As such the knob will melt if it is placed in an oven at temperature above 400oF. Of course, you can replace the knob with a stainless steel knob...etc.

    Do you have a picture of that coowkare? We may able to tell what brand it is.

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    1. Or you could copy and paste and link to the website.