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Jan 19, 2011 05:25 AM

Wegmans in Frederick?

Does anyone have any good knowledge about the possible opening? The Wegmans website states "2Q 2011". That could mean anywhere from April through the end of June. I was told by someone that they had heard (unknown source, so yeah, not great source) that they were planning to open in March.

now, any opening is going to be largely dictated by weather and how much construction they can get done in the next few months. But i was wondering if there is anyone who had heard anything about opening dates. anyone with "inside information"?

The HArris Teeter here seems to be overhauling there product lineups - and not for the better. So i am even more anxiously awaiting the opening of Wegmans.

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  1. The last article I read in the Frederick paper quoted the future manager of the store estimating that the construction will be completed in March/April with the opening coming early in the summer. I think a March opening is a little too early given that it will take a couple months of cleanup and stocking once the building is finished.

    1. So this is the story i heard (had to hear it again). Someone with whom my husband works heard a story on the radio about Wegmans. Someone called in, claiming to work for Wegmans. That person stated they were targeting a March opening.

      That being said, I am afraid that i think, as Treetop tom stated, that an early summer opening is far more likely (unfortunately). But i would be overjoyed if it opened earlier!

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        According to the Wegmans website, they are hiring in Frederick. Don't think it would be doing that as yet for a summer opening.

        1. re: skipper

          They started hiring in January 2010 for the Wegmans here in Prince George's County and it didn't open until October. By that yardstick, maybe early summer is too ambitious.

          1. re: treetop tom

            An excerpt from a Wegmans thread on Frederickmarylandonline (see link below) :

            "Wow…I took a ride by the new Wegmans in Frederick today and I couldn’t believe how much is done, the store exterior really looks nice. I spoke with someone from Wegmans corporate offices and I was told the store was scheduled to open in June 2011."


            1. re: okoboji

              It does look really nice. There will also be a Lowe's and a Marshall's as anchors in that plaza. Normally, I'm not excited by this kind of stuff, especially when they gobble up farmland and destroy historical sites to build shopping centers. I have to say they picked a smart location for this one, which I believe will have minimal impact on the surrounding area. That's my hope, at least.

              1. re: flavrmeistr

                Thanks for the update! Although i am disappointed to see that they are still on a June trajectory. Still hoping for an earlier opening.

      2. Here is the latest ffrom an article about the opening of the Marshall's in the same center:

        "...and a Wegmans supermarket is scheduled to open on June 6, Sponaugle said."

        1. Our Frederick Wegman's is due to open at 7:00 a.m. June 5. Since we live EXTREMELY close by, we're hoping for the best as relates to traffic.

          Neither my husband nor I have ever been to a Wegman's. Is there anything we should be sure not to miss...would you share your favorite find?

          Mary Ellen

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          1. re: merg01

            It will be too crowded to enjoy the market cafe side, but that will be the biggest wow factor you will encounter when you hit it during less busy times... in my opinion at least.

            1. re: merg01

              IMHO, the meat, fish, produce and bakery at Wegman's are all outstanding. You'll be stunned by the service, the lack of cash register lines and the friendliness of the staff.

              1. re: merg01

                Keep your eye peeled for a "soft" opening. They may ,a day or two before the Grand Opening just open the doors and allow customers in , without any HOOPLA..helps to work out any minor issues!

                1. re: Hue

                  You were on the mark. Soft opening on Saturday, June 5. Grand Opening today. I understand the parking lot was full for the soft. Since we're retired and I have mobility issues, I'll wait until the crowds die down and go during the week.

                  Mary Ellen