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Jan 19, 2011 04:33 AM

Stevia as a natural alternative to sugar

Where can I buy 100% stevia in montreal? Does anyone use this as a sweetener for coffee for example and like it?

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  1. Health food stores and some health food sections of supermarkets carry it. I don't use it coffee, but I put it in iced tea and aguas frescas amongst other things. It works fine if I use a bit of sugar to get the right mouthfeel.

    1. I once purchased stevia in liquid form at Liquid Nutrition on rue Bishop.

      Liquid Nutrition
      2019 Rue Bishop, Montreal, QC H3G2E8, CA

      1. The only sweetener I use regularly is in my coffee. I always thought that my abilities to detect sweetness was very good. I liked the idea of using stevia very much but alas I cannot taste anything in stevia.

        1. Stevia in plant form (in a pot with green leaves) has been popping up at plate purveyors. A little bit of the leaf goes a long way on the sweet highway. It goes very well with fruity things.

          1. We split some discussion of baking with Stevia over to our Home Cooking board, so hounds from all over could benefit from the information: