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Jan 19, 2011 04:32 AM


Sifton just gave it one star, but I searched and found nothing this board. Has anyone been?

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  1. This joint "seems" to... > I've eaten there once and have just seen your attached link to the Sifton review, have nothing to do, that I can see, with the "genuine" bouchons of Lyon. As someone who hold that tradition close to my heart and has traveled to the region and the city, Lyon, with fork in hand > not to visit the Bocuses'... but to feast and revel in the "simple" fare, of "the people", I see no valid comparison in: food, price, atmosphere and most glaringly, not in; ethos or intent. That said, it is not required a restaurant emulate any particular experience, and I am not judging it on what it is. I am only saying, that by my singular, personal estimation, there is no discernible comparison to the bouchons I know and love in Lyon; which is what I was hoping for. As with ALL, one must make his / her own determination as to what a restaurant is or is not and what they are in search of.

    If you chose to "give it a go" no matter on what basis you judge it; I do hope you enjoy.

    P.S. During my travels, while in Lyon, I was told the same "joke", asked to answer the same riddle, numerous times, by the locals. It goes like this > "What are the the 3 rivers of Lyon?" "Dit moi", in my best New Yorker French I'd reply. Each time the answer lovingly with jovial pride came back > "The Seine, The Rhone and The Beaujolais". Yes! Copious amounts of Beaujolais must be consumed with any true meal taken at a "true" bouchons de Lyon. In my humble...

    P. P. S. If one visits the wonderful city of Lyon; make sure to visit the the "home" of the Brothers Lumiere. The home of motion pictures.

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      allenbank, I am interested in what you are saying. Could you elaborate a bit - what makes you say that Lyon (the restaurant) bears " valid comparison in: food, price, atmosphere and most glaringly not in; ethos or intent" to the bouchons of Lyon? What isn't it doing, what is it lacking, what are the major differences?

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        Four of us had dinner there tonight, found the place as adorable as the food was disappointing. I thought the review was generous. We would not have given it a star. What they call onion soup is tasty, but it's filled with brisket and is like meat gravy. The baguette that accompanies it was badly seasoned. Appetizer hot dog was steamed or boiled, not as good as Grey's Papaya.

        Mussels were okay. The lamb shank was not seasoned well and the beans weren't properly cooked. Fries were fine. The charcuterie plate had a variety of pates, only one of which I liked, which was the Lyon sausage. It's accompanied by small pickled things that aren't worth fishing out of the plate. Steak tartare was nowhere nearly as good as the one at L'Express; it was ok, but not a dish you'd want again.

        Desserts were equally poor. We had the pots de creme, described as chocolate and coffee. In fact, what came was a small portion of pudding made with both, dry, with two brittle, tasteless, white cookies.

        We'd read the review and assumed they would have made some improvements but, in fact, felt the food was worse than what had been described. It's cramped, but that would not be a problem if all else had been fine. As we were leaving, we were asked several times if we'd enjoyed the meal and gave a perfunctory answer, but if they didn't work out the kinds after the review, our lack of enthusiasm will surely change nothing.

        In a part of town with so many excellent restaurants, it's hard to understand why the place was full - and it was.

        249 Park Ave S, New York, NY 10003

        118 Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10011

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          I went a couple of weeks ago and I concur - the food was very disappointing. I also found it cramped and extremely loud. I don't plan to return.