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Jan 18, 2011 08:30 PM

Need to Buy A New Oven -- Rec's Please

Our gas range/oven died and I'm in the market to get a new one. We are in the lower end of the price range -- $500 or less. The only choices I see (at this price point) have to do with whether the broiler is a drawer or in the oven, if the grates are steel vs. porcelain-coated steel, and the size of the window.

Does anyone have an oven in this price range that they like/dislike? Any thoughts on the broiler drawer vs. in-oven broiler issue? The best material for grates?

Wish I could go up to the next level ($1000 or so) -- so many more choices -- but it's just not going to happen now...


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  1. I would look at Hotpoint. The have ranges within your budget. Your first inclination may be to dismiss the name brand, but they've scored high in a consumer report review. Check it out.