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Jan 18, 2011 08:21 PM

Meat 'n' potatoes Sacramento?

Relative is coming for a business meeting near Arden Fair. Wants to meet for dinner and says he is craving a meat 'n' potatoes place, but not a place where he has to wear a necktie. So Ruth's Chris & Mortons aren't going to work.

We are thinking perhaps the Broiler, but would love any other ideas that aren't *too* far from Arden Fair.

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  1. You don't have to wear a necktie at any restaurant in Sac. Pants, shirt, shoes and a jacket is just about all you'll need.

    1. As PeterL notes, ties aren't required at Ruth's Chris, and I'd even venture to say that the one time I ate there be-tied male patrons were in the minority. Morton's may tilt a little heavier toward the tie-wearing crowd, but an open collar under a good sport coat would fit in just fine there, too.

      The Broiler is another worthy option, as is Chops. And for a slightly funkier vibe, I like the Buggy Whip - it's straight out of the '60s.

      Chops Steaks Seafood & Bar
      1117 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

      Buggy Whip Restaurant
      2737 Fulton Ave Ste 208, Sacramento, CA 95821

      Ruth's Chris Steak House
      501 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento, CA 95825

      Broiler Steakhouse
      1201 K St Ste 100, Sacramento, CA 95814

      Morton's The Steakhouse - Sacramento
      621 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814

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      1. re: alanbarnes

        There was a spate of postings on the LA board about the Buggy Whip down here (in Westchester near LAX) and whether or not these two restaurants are somehow connected. Turns out they are not connected, other than the man who started the Sacramento location doing so as a type of homage to the LA one. The LA Buggy Whip started in 1952 and the Sacto location began in 1959.

        Buggy Whip Restaurant
        2737 Fulton Ave Ste 208, Sacramento, CA 95821

        1. re: Servorg

          Yep. The son of the guy who started the one here in Sacramento is a buddy of mine. His dad just thought the LA restaurant was a cool place with a cool name.

          The one here looks like it hasn't been remodeled since it opened. Very retro. And a lot of the clientele dates back to those days, too - between about 5pm and 7pm the place is affectionately referred to as "God's Waiting Room."

      2. Thought I'd come back & report. Serves me right for being euphemistic. What I really meant was that one of our party is disabled and tires easily. The slower pace of a more formal place like Morton's wouldn't work. I just used the necktie as a way of describing such a place.

        Anyway, we wound up at the Broiler. We pretty much stayed with the tried & true. Steak, lamb chops ,etc. The red meats were cooked as ordered and nicely tender. I really liked the polenta with red pepper. The relative with the meat craving said his steak did indeed hit the spot.

        Had an excellent server who understood how to work with disabled customers. Nothing worse than servers who act as if someone in a wheelchair is deaf, blind and imbecile, and won't speak to them directly. Second worse is not realizing that a wheelchair takes up more room than a regular chair and you need to seat the person where there is a lot of space for others to get around.