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Jan 18, 2011 08:00 PM

Big Lous butcher shop now open

From the boys at 2 chefs and a table , they do sammys, which I am game to try altbhough the bahn mi is like $8, given the price on Kingsway it better be really good .Anyone been yet??

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  1. I've been, but haven't had sandwiches. I picked up some rustic lamb terrine that was quite tasty. Prices are quite good at the meat counter, especially when provenance of each cut is listed (Polderside for poultry, Sloping Hills for pork). Good service too.

    1. Their web site:

      guess will have to try their porchetta sandwich.

      here is the metro review of the banh mi:

      Karl Gregg was the opening chef for Red Door Pan Fusion on Granville st.
      iirc, was also the Chef for Bread Garden(spectra) concept. they had a good idea of take out(HMR) at the park royal, west van store years ago.

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        Caught the bus outside the place yesterday-was so busy trying to make myself invisible I forgot to look inside.