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Jan 18, 2011 05:47 PM

Where to find good, natural beef in South Shore/Quincy?

Hey all. I've been making a bit of pot roast lately and have wanted to use vegetarian fed, natural beef. My local Stop and Shop has their Nature's Promise brand, which seems to fit the bill, the only problem is the cuts available are quite limited (and dry!). Over in the regular section I see lots of well marbled, delicious looking pot roast cuts.

Which local (super)markets would have a wider selection, naturally raised, around here? I'm not looking for anything super high end like a gourmet butcher, just somewhere I can get naturally raised cuts at under $10/lb.

Thanks so much!

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  1. It's not a supermarket, but you might try RiverRock beef. My experience with their meat has been yum. Here is a link to their ordering page. As you can see, they will deliver. Their meat is usually frozen, so if you get more than you need for one batch of pot roast you can just pop the rest in your freezer: (Sometimes they have fresh cuts when they sell at Farmer's Markets.)

    Note that their chuck roasts are listed at $8.50/pound. (Prices are on the "menu" page of their website.


    I have no connection with River Rock whatsoever save as a satisfied occasional customer. Enjoy!

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      Great suggestion. Thanks!! The timing with delivery (plus the minimum order and delivery charge) may make it a bit less than ideal though, so if anyone has any market suggestions, I could use those too. Thanks all!

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        You could try Good Health Natrural Foods in Hanover and Quincy. They don't have a huge selection, but will order whatever you like for you. They have certified humane chicken, natural beef ,lamb and more.

        Hannafords also has naturally raised, certified humane chicken and pork. I understand Autralian lamb is also naturally raised vs. factory farmed, FWIW. They may be able to order such beef for you as well.

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        I think I saw Riverrock beef at the Market Basket in Billerica too, so check local Market Baskets. It was $14/lb for ribeye so it was in the all natural range...

      3. You might try Roche Bros in Quincy as well. Their full-service butcher area has what they call "All Natural" and organic meat, which isn't outrageously priced.

        Of course there's always Whole Foods in Hingham as well. They have sales once in a while and when they do, the prices are quite reasonable. In fact, I just took a grass fed, boneless chuck roast out of my freezer, that I bought on sale there for $2.99/lb at one of their "weekend madness" sales.

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          Thanks- Roche Bros. is *exactly* what I needed!!