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Jan 18, 2011 05:40 PM

Best Foie Gras

I've been struggling to find the best foie gras out there in Montreal. It is really hard to find one that doesn't awfully taste bitter. So far the best I ever had was at La Colombe, they seem to nail it every time I go. I've been to Au pied de Cochon, Plaisirs Coupables. Any other suggestions? Thank you in advance for your recommendations and patience.

I love this community.

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  1. Raza used to have a foie gras empanada which now occasionally makes a reappearance on the menu. If you call ahead and successfully grovel, they may make one for you.

    I've also liked what de Canck did at La Chronique the last couple of times I was there. I have also liked DNA's foie offering.

    1. Call them and they will tell you where to find their products.

      That's who I bought mine for xmass and it was "Au Torchon" style also
      Au Pied du cochon get their FG from them so you know it's top notch

      1. Liverpool House, and Joe Beef have great parfaits of foie gras, also DNA does everything liver, and offal related amazingly. I also thought the Ptit Plateau had great foie and its a BYOB

        Joe Beef
        2491 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N6, CA

        1. I'm addicted to buying the foie gras at Le canard libèré at 4396 boul. St Laurent(on the west side between Marie-Anne and Mont Royal) . If you're taking public transit from downtown. At the St Laurent métro , take the 55 St Laurent bus. They specialize in duck & geese and all their products are from Brome Lake, Québec . One gets 25% off all frozen goods. I've price checked with the Atwater French butchers & le canard libéré is better.