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Jan 18, 2011 05:22 PM

What's your opinion of the Food Network magazine?

I find the food network pretty annoying in general, however, I was curious about the magazine. What do you think?

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  1. I subscribed to it for a year and thought it was a good magazine for the price - lots of recipes, pretty consistent quality/layout scheme for like $12 for the year when I subscribed to it. I let it lapse simply because I've cut out things like that from my life due to expense (magazines, netflix, etc). But I never had a problem with it - not too much Rachel or Paula, probably because they have their own magazines!

    1. I also subscribed to it for a year. I've had subscriptions in the past to Cooking Light, Bon Appetit and Saveur. I was not impressed. To me, it was all filler and no substance, sort of like a junk food magazine. I'm thinking you could probably find the recipes online anyway, free of charge. Just my two cents.

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        I agree with you shellsbutt. I rec'd a free subscription for one year and tried to enjoy it but found the magazine to be more tv guide than gourmet mag. All of the recipes are readily avail online and other than the $$$ spent to take nice photographs, it felt like another excuse to over advertise the channel.

      2. I usually leaf through it because a friend subscribes and shares it. Have to say that I generally find it a waste of paper. There's little that's new, or even above pedestrian. And all of it is aggrandizing to their celebrity cooks. (Sorry, cannot call them chefs.)

        Personally, I still occasionally watch Ina Garten's show, and I love her and often pick up great tips, but otherwise, for me the whole channel is a big waste of time.

        1. The colorful photography and graphics are impressive at first, but I ended up cancelling my subscription. I didn't find any inspiring recipes among the dump-and-stir offerings. I don't need instructions on how to use store-bought shortcakes, how to make an open-face sandwich, or how to jazz-up mashed potatoes with ranch dressing.

          1. I actually like it. I think it's fun to read, and I like to see the various personalities personal kitchens, the behind the scenes to some of the shows, etc. I don't think the recipes are great, but I like the other things.