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Jan 18, 2011 04:58 PM

Recipe for Macaroni and Cheese Scotch Pie?

Hi there,

I'm trying to win a Mac and Cheese cook off and I think Scotch pies might be the answer. Can someone point me toward a good recipe? I've found hot water crust pastry recipes and descriptions of Mac and Cheese pies, but nothing that puts the two together in a real award-winning way. Can someone help?



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  1. Isn't a Scotch Pie a type of meat pie made with a hot water crust? I have never heard of a Mac & Cheese pie in the UK.

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    1. re: PhilD

      Yes, I believe it is usually a meat pie, but I came across several mentions of a mac and cheese version when I was searching for unusual mac and cheese recipes. The closest I've got to a recipe is this:

      Which might do, but I was thinking that someone might have a more official/foodier version???

      1. re: kdka

        That looks interesting. What do you use for a mold - ramekin?

        1. re: Johnny West

          I think you can just use jam jars. I'm liking the way these crusts present...

        2. re: kdka

          What about doing phyllo purses instead and then serving it w/ extra creamy cheese sauce on the side? I'd add a little bite of cheese in the center so it'll ooze out when it's cut. I wonder if you can use thin strips of bacon to tie up the ends of the purses.

      2. Hi Kdka - I'm originally from Scotland and Macaroni Pies are the food I miss the most, and I stock up on loads when I visit my parents.

        You are unlikely to find a recipe online - it's not really something we'd make at home, more likely to buy them from local bakers/supermarkets.

        You are right that you'll need a water crust pastry case. I'd say cook the pastry blind, fill with your mac and cheese (to be authentic Scottish people would use fat macaroni not the thing stuff you see these days in England, oh and the cheese should be, if possible, Scottish cheddar, if not something orange (red leicester would be good) as it needs to have colour. Then cover with some grated cheese and heat through.

        I would love to hear how you get on if you make them!

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        1. re: iheartcupcakes

          Thanks for the advice! This sounds like a junk food replication challenge. I hope I'm up for it... I'll just have to find a source of lard in Brooklyn ;) I'll let you know how it goes...

          1. re: kdka

            if you can't find lard then perhaps you could use trex? there's that English store in NY (sorry we've been to New York twice but never visted it) - not sure if they sell lard, or just nice English food!

            1. re: kdka

              Hope you found your lard. Any hispanic grocerer will have it too. It's called manteca.

          2. I'm not familiar with hot water crust method. I'll look it up.
            I have a batch of the cheese mixture [from the taste of home mac and cheese recipe] frozen.
            I planned on making a tri tip roast tonight for dinner but could do this instead.
            Ideas or recipes for a hot water crust would help in my decision though....... :)