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Jan 18, 2011 04:14 PM

Godzillas is in town_ soon to become Ima Dake

I was just walking by this new restaurant "Godzillas" located at 4006, rue Ste-Catherine O. corner Atwater. I later learned that the place will soon be re-named "IMA DAKE", since Sony owns the right to that giant green creature's name!!! I decided to give it a try and was glad I did. I was quickly greeted by a young friendly staff made up of Japanese and Chinese waitress/cooks.

I had the Ebi tempura Ramen in a miso broth. The noodles were perfect, tender yet still carrying the rich flavor of the broth. The latter was obviously made with pork bones as it should be, slow cooked to a rich milky brew. I took the miso base, but one could also chose the soya base. It was served with a whole pickled (hard boiled) egg sliced in two, some chinese greens (yu choy) and grilled oyster mushrooms. On the side, four shrimps tempura also came with my order. They were fried in a light batter; very crispy and non-greasy at all.

I was in a hurry, so was unable to stay longer to sample anything else.
I will go back and bring my camera so I could post some photos for everyone...

some other features on the menu:

Okonomiyake (like a seafood pancake)
Tako Yake (Octopus fried in a batter in a ball shape)
Yaki Tori (Chicken grilled on skewer)
Gindara Saikyo Yaki (grilled black cod with miso)
Tori no Karaage (Japnese style fried chichen)
and more...

also, different choices of Ramen:
with grilled beef
char sui (roasted pork)
black cod
and more

Check it out guy...

Back Soon

Gotta go now

Godzillas (soon to be renamed "Ima Dake")
4006, rue Ste-Catherine O. corner Atwater

***This is my first posting... Hope I did ok by the CHOW HOUND etiquette...
{note: Being new at this, I had mistakenly posted this same review at another location on the site. my apologies....}

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  1. Was waiting for a review on this place, thanks! It's very close to where I live so I will be trying it probably today and will be back with my thoughts on it.

    1. yeah, but do they serve booze?

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      1. re: porker

        Yes they do serve booze. They just got their liquor license.

      2. And what about the prize?

        Expensive or not?


        1. Snackhappy mentioned this place a few months ago, and didn't sound convinced at the time. I'm still not but I'll live vicariously through the rest of you.

          Their website indicates booze, and apart from a market price ramen, the most expensive item is a dessert going for $15.

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          1. Is their menu different to what is posted on their website? Their website clearly lists
            Symphony Desserts $15
            I guess it is a dessert designed to be shared, so it is not overly expensive, but still.

            If you could clarify if the real menu is different from the website's, that would be very helpful.

          2. I will keep this short. I really want to like Godzilla's in a lot of ways... I think they did a lot of creative things with the interior in a very inexpensive manner. It has the potential to be good food, as well.

            There were a few problems the night I was there, as far as I could tell. Two of us shared a few things. The seaweed salad was flavourful and had a variety of types of seaweed. The octopus balls were actually pretty good, as well, but after 8 pieces I was kind of sick of the unusual taste (one that I couldn't identify). The ramens we tried (one pork, one tempura) left me a bit disappointed. I'm hardly a ramen expert, but these lacked any sort of flavour and were a bit skimpy on the ingredients (although a soya-cooked egg was a bonus).

            Major issues: 1) No one on the large staff seemed to be able to speak French to another customer who spoke little English. This could spell trouble. 2) The only other tables in the restaurant both ordered a seafood ramen, and it was eventually disclosed to both that they didn't have seafood anymore (i dont know if this meant they had run out or had removed the item from the menu). The francophone table was offered some miscellaneous items (i.e. calamari) on ramen, instead.

            Even in writing all of this I still want to like the place, but its food as far less creative and delicious than Kazu and the ramen has nothing on Yuki, both of which are nearby. I cant really think of a reason to go back except the abundance of space (including a huge center table) if I was having a large, spontaneous dinner party.

            1862 Sainte-Catherine St W, Montreal, QC H3H 1M1, CA

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            1. re: Fintastic

              This is a block away from where I live so will most likely be trying this out in the next week or so and will let you guys know how it goes!