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Jan 18, 2011 03:54 PM

truncated i-phone site?

Why is it that recently only selected queries/ posts are posted to the mobile version?It's getting harder to waste time at work.

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  1. I'm not seeing that on my iPhone 3GS. But since yesterday, the Chowhound board indices and threads do not automatically fill the screen horizontally. Not in vertical or horizontal screen position. The layout looks particularly bad, that is, tall and skinny, in the vertical layout. I can expand a page to fit horizontally, but then it reverts back when I go to the next page. This is really tiresome.

    I noticed that the Chow pages start off skinny too, although not quite as narrow as the Chowhound pages. However, after a second or two, the Chow pages will jump to fill the screen horizontally to maximize viewing size.

    ETA: Also want to report that the board indices no longer indicate the original poster and most recent poster to a thread.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I'm seeing the same on my ipod touch. Not a fan of the new layout. It's not helpful to have the pages be all skinny with a lot of grey around the edges. I'm constantly expanding the size and then when I switch pages, it reverts back to the small, skinny size. Also, the saved boards isn't shown anymore so it requires and extra click. Moreover, it's not useful without the original poster and most recent poster to the face of the thread. And, it's not like there isn't space since there is a plethora of grey around the white.

      Why fix something that wasn't broke?

      1. re: beetlebug

        While the message board indices are still scrunched, the thread pages are filling the screen and don't need to be expanded with each new page.

        Not having the names of the posters on the indices is quite a loss. Makes Chowhound feel less like a community and a more anonymous place. Names need to return.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I'm having mixed results with the scrunching and full screens. I hope the full screens become more consistent in the days to come.

          I would love it if they brought back the posters' names. I would prefer that then when the post was last made. Please bring back the names.

          Actually, I just thought the last set up was much more user friendly. And, it looks just like a regular computer screen. Again, why fix it if it ain't broke?

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Not having the names of the posters on the indices is quite a loss


      2. The decision makers can't seem to comprehend that iphone users want nothing more and nothing less than to be able to view a web page just as they do on their 13 inch dell laptop or their 27 inch iMac. It boggles the mind.

        1. I've been doing most of my reading with the new iPhone view for the past two weeks and I have to say that not being able to see the name of the poster on the board index has reduced the user experience for me quite a bit. When the site software was released in 2006, the first iteration did not include user names on the message board view. Chowhounds lobbied vociferously to have them restored and soon they were. I really think it's a mistake to take it away from iPhone users. Chowhound is a community and members of this community have names attached to their opinions. It's a great loss to not be able to see them when scanning the index.

          Is there a way to opt out of the iPhone view and see the full site? Maybe that's the answer in the interim.

          1. The lack of names is really hindering my enjoyment of looking at the site on my ipod. And now, there is a new change, again, not for the better.

            Up until yesterday, I could click on the number of responses. Like the full site, it would bring me to the first response, bypassing the sometimes lengthy OP. Now, that option is gone and I am brought to the OP.


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            1. re: beetlebug

              And they seemed to have disabled the ability to click on the board name when viewing your "reading list" or whatever it's called.

              Thankfully there is, because these folks wouldn't be able to find work otherwise.

            2. Hello Engineering?!?

              Not a good thing to wake up to this morning. As beetlebug and tommy have pointed out, the iPhone view turned worse overnight. On profile pages and the message board indices, clicking on the number of replies no longer goes to the "comments" url (e.g., ) but to the url for the original post.

              Also, while those indices look the same on the screen, the red-colored links to the message board for a thread no longer work. Since you made the change to have "saved boards" collapse, I've adapted by using the board links from my profile page to navigate. Now this has been taken away from me too. What's the benefit of that?

              Could you please roll back these changes? It's Friday, please don't change the interface for the worse and then disappear at the end of the work week. Chowhounds are going to be out and about all weekend and in need of info from this site. I know I'm not going to be sitting at a computer much for the next few days and will be relying on my phone to read the site.

              Another bug that I've been meaning to mention, but one that's been there since the initial change last month --- the links at the top of the IPHONE page include DISCUSSION, RESTAURANTS, CHOW. This differs from the web view DISCUSSION, DIGEST, RESTAURANTS, RECIPES. Then in the upper right corner under the user name and logout, the iPhone page says DISCUSSION, RESTAURANTS,, CHOW, whereas the web view says DISCUSSION, RESTAURANTS. What's the point of having two links for CHOW in close proximity to each other that go to the same page? I was distressed at the loss of the DIGEST button, as it was something that we'd lobbied for, but then I discovered that the RESTAURANTS link in the upper right corner links to the Digest page. Why not call it DIGEST so that it parallels the web view and doesn't look like a duplicate link?

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              1. re: Melanie Wong

                These changes we have introduced are all towards the goal of simplifying the UI for a small touch screen. Having to touch exactly on the post name or the board name or the number of replies requires too much dexterity for most people. So, we changed it so that you can touch anywhere on that line and you go to the thread which is the most common desired action.

                However, we realize that the power users want all of these additional capabilities. So, we will add back in the the option to opt out and go to the full advanced site view.

                1. re: CHOW HQ

                  Too much dexterity for "most people"? I have to wonder how you came to that conclusion. I would venture to say that "most people" with an iPhone or similar device have the dexterity required to navigate a web page on that screen.

                  Good news on the option. Options are always good.

                  1. re: CHOW HQ

                    "add back in the the option to opt out and go to the full advanced site view."

                    Thanks so much! And especially for getting back to us before the weekend. Please let us know how to select the full site.

                    1. re: CHOW HQ

                      "Having to touch exactly on the post name or the board name or the number of replies requires too much dexterity for most people"

                      Where are you getting this info? To my knowledge, there hasn't been a single thread on site talk about this. If anything, there are complaints that you are dumbing down the ipod site and making it more unusable. Have there been any threads praising the changes?

                      The changes have not been for the better. Change it back please or give us the option for the full site.

                      1. re: CHOW HQ

                        Hello ChowHQ, how do I select the full advanced site view on my iPhone? I can't find this option.

                        1. re: CHOW HQ

                          Hello ChowHQ and Engineering, checking in with you again two weeks later. I'm packing for a road trip and will be viewing/posting by mobile only. When will you bring back the option to opt out and go to the full advanced site view?

                          I noticed that you've taken care of the DIGEST link going to restaurants. Any progress on helping out iPhone users?

                          1. re: CHOW HQ

                            ChowHQ or TPTB, thank you for restoring working board name links from profile pages to navigate back to message boards.

                            Now, could you please figure out a way to restore the names of posters. Not having the names really destroys community.