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Where can I get Spanish Tapas in DFW??

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  1. Two places within walking distance of me. The one I prefer is Cafe Madrid on Travis at the corner of Armstrong. The other is Sangria & Tapas Bar which is on Cole, if I'm not mistaken. Neither is just knock you down great, either on the food or wine, but both are good. I have found both the food and atmosphere a bit more to my liking at Cafe Madrid. (But I couldn't really quarrel with someone who had the opposite preference.)

    Cafe Madrid
    4501 Travis St, Dallas, TX 75205

    1. Try, Si Tapas on Allen Street in Uptown. IMHO, and with all due respect to Mike, much better than Cafe Madrid.


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        Let there be no doubt that Si Tapas is the best in Dallas, but in McKinney (north) please hit up Cafe Malaga... very, very good and not as well known.

      2. Cafe Madrid has more of a bodega feel to it and has a live guitarist some nights (I think Tuesday). good sangria too but a bit pricey. Si Tapas is a bit more expensive but the tapas are great. More of a restaurant feel. They also have entrees which cafe madrid doesnt (other than paella). Both will satisfy your craving for gambal al ajillo and other tranditional tapas. Si Tapas also has valet parking, a must for that part of town.

        Cafe Madrid
        4501 Travis St, Dallas, TX 75205

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          Monday through Thursday, 4:00-7:00 pm
          $2 Tapas & Drink Specials

          Great deal at Si.