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Jan 18, 2011 03:37 PM

ISO Saigon Chili oil

I can't seem to find my favorite chili oil these days. The brand is Saigon Oil 'n Chili Hot Sauce (no joke). It's made in Vietnam. I used to buy it at Safeway, but they haven't carried it for some time. I've also checked T&T, to no avail. I just looked at the ingredients and it's pretty much oil, chili's and garlic. Has anyone see this, or perhaps recommend another good really spicy chili oil?

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  1. I would try sunrise market as well as rice world

    1. T&T use to carry it. sometimes some location may carry a product other T&T doesn't.

      lately i have been using "tean's gourmet" - crispy prawn chilli. it's ready to eat or cook with; spicy and flavorful.