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Jan 18, 2011 03:33 PM

Where in Boston can you find turkey legs?

In Disneyworld there are vendors that sell just turkey legs. Is there anyplace in Boston where I could find a fresh cooked turkey leg?

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  1. Its kind of "carnie-food" (assuming you want it on bone) - I suspect your best bet is Medieval Times in southern Boston or that King Arthur Faire thing in the late summer, and with either one, you get to watch people joust..

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    1. re: grant.cook

      Actually, Medieval Manor in the South End does not serve turkey legs, nor is there a joust. They do a kind of Middle Ages-themed floor show with some fairly blue material. The food consists of soup, salad, beef spare ribs, vegetables with dip, and roasted half-chicken served without utensils but with cheap draft beer and wine.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        A rare miss by you MC, grant was referring to the Fair held I believe in Taunton in the fall, where they do indeed sell cooked turkey legs. Not worth the price of admission.

        1. re: DougMac

          Good to know! I was aware of the King Richard's Faire (every fall in Carver), not the Taunton one. There is a national restaurant chain called Medieval Times (made famous by the film The Cable Guy) that actually does a jousting show; thought you might be conflating the Boston MM with that.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            You both are right.. I have never been in MM, just see it off to the right driving down 93. Good to know it might not be as family friendly as the theme might imply.

            The Faire thing, Carver sounds right.. I used to go to a similar one in Atlanta, which is where I got to eat my first turkey leg.

            1. re: grant.cook

              They let kids in, but they don't recommend it for under 10 years old.


    2. If you want turkey legs to eat at home they have them roasted in a warming case at my market basket in Somerville. Probably other locations too. Its pretty fun to have a Henry the 8th moment every now and then.

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        "Its pretty fun to have a Henry the 8th moment every now and then." ...omg I love you.

      2. A freind works there. Those turkey legs are 23% sodium. 24% makes them shelf stable.

        1. Larry J's house of Que has them smoked for lunch or dinners they are at 950 Broadway
          Chelsea, MA 02150
          (617) 884-8100

          1. I saw some at the prepared foods counter at the Symphony whole foods about an hour ago.

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            1. re: Madrid

              I'll have to remember that next time I want to bring a snack in to watch the BSO.