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Jan 18, 2011 03:20 PM

Restaurant Week!!

I'm sure some of you are partaking in the upcoming events... I go to atleast 3 - 4 different places during the week, Looking for a new gem place to try. Any favorites?

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    1. re: kathryn

      seen you post that already... read most...look for some new suggestions other then telling me to look other places/things i already read. Thanks tho.

      1. re: coms76

        Many people post without researching previous topics. Did anything jump out at you in those previous conversations?

        Where have you been before? Hard to say what is a new gem to you without knowing where you have been! Also remember it's hard to recommend a TON of new places for Restaurant Week because it only happens twice a year.

      2. re: kathryn

        very helpful of you to take the time to compile a bunch of old conversations about past year's RW and only one thread from this time around.

        I think coms76 is looking for fresh conversation and not threads full of discussion about restaurants that may not even be participating this time around.

        I would recommend Aldea. It was amazing. I hear recently (thanks chowhound!) they may have a year round prix fixe, though, so you may hold off to try that one if that matters to you. However, the RW prixe fixe may be different than the regular one (if there is one), and it was I feel it is worth doing.

        31 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011

        1. re: chowsue

          As I said, many people post without doing any research at all.

          I find RW threads from the past to be very helpful--by the time you hear a place is good for RW, it's already booked solid for that RW. So I tuck it away as a contender for next time.

          It's impossible for me to know what posts you may have already read. I'm not psychic! I asked if anything sounded good from past threads, and got no response.

          Plus the intent was NOT clear from the original post: "new" can mean "new to me" which is not the same as "newly opened."

          1. re: kathryn

            But all of those links are from previous years, and the participating restaurants change every time.

            1. re: culprit

              Many of the same restaurants participate in RW over and over. Not all but many.

              I view RW at a particular restaurant to be different from the normal experience. Hence past RW threads are helpful. Too many places slack off during RW.

          2. re: chowsue

            kathryn is one of the most helpful and insightful posters on the Manhattan board. If she posted links to older threads it was only to help. To attack her for doing so is just wrong.

        2. Aldea looked like an interesting suggestion - but it is a lunch only place - have you found anything for dinner that was new to you?

          I am thinking of ilili - any comments from my friends?

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          1. re: smilingal

            I've heard lots of good reports about RW dinner at Riverpark but haven't tried it yet. Menu is online here:

            Lots of choices from their normal menu though some do carry a supplement.

            Unfortunately, the best of the best restaurant usually don't participate at all--I've seen many excellent restaurants also drop out over the last several years (Gramercy Tavern, Craft, even EMP used to do RW, and give a gift certificate!).

            And yes, a lot of the good ones only do lunch (often because they already do a lunch prix fixe and because they aren't hurting for business during dinner).

            Always remember that RW exists to drum up business during slow times of the year (winter and summer) and during slow times of the week (weekday lunch)! It's more about marketing than giving the consumer a good deal, these days. Especially because most restaurants have figured out that the RW customer is less likely to come back and pay full price at another time.

            That's why it's so hard to find an excellent dinner candidate. My previous favorite was Bar Room at the Modern, and they dropped out a while ago...

            See also discussion from Summer 2012 Restaurant Week:

          2. Riverpark if a favorite of mine and they are offering their regular menu during RW, some items with supplements, as mentioned above.

            1. i hear cafe boulud is pretty good and they are participating in restaurant week. i just moved to NYC a couple weeks ago and I'm also looking for suggestions for this year's restaurant week


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              1. re: Snoop37

                Here is a more current thread on Restaurant Week Winter 2013:

                Here is also a discussion on year round prix fixe deals:

                1. re: kathryn

                  Kathryn, you are awesome, I hope the OP appreciates your efforts now.
                  Me, I'm the worst searcher ever. I always do try to find previous posts, but somehow come up empty quite often. Hopefully, my new post today was one that hasn't been written about. I was actually surprised that I couldn't find previous posts on "All Things Good".

                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                    I agree with Kathryn about the real reasons for RW. I had an awful experience and know others who also gave it up. I was made to feel like I was a cheapskate wasting the staff's time. The food came out in seconds, was satisfactory at best and then was rushed out the door. Why bother?

                    1. re: chervil9

                      I agree. The food came out in seconds and its always guaranteed to be lukewarm and sometimes dried out. I feel like eating at a chinese takeout would have been better as everything is cooked to order and not just sitting in a warmer waiting to feed the masses.

                      1. re: chervil9

                        Glad to see there are others who are not thrilled with RW. It's fine for lunch, and then only at the better restaurants. For dinner? I'd rather pay full price and get better service, larger portions and have my pick of the menu.

                        1. re: ttoommyy

                          I had similar bad RW experiences. Also, I often found the savings was not all that much, maybe it amounted to a free dessert.

                2. A great RW dinner at Riverpark last Friday and another at Park Avenue Winter last night. Both had great options (Riverpark was the regular menu with surcharges for some items), generous portions, and excellent, unrushed service. Smart marketing geared to both developing new business AND encouraging people to return by offering a lovely dining experience. I will return to both.