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Jan 18, 2011 03:01 PM

Blood Sausage

Looking for sources for blood sausage in Seattle area or even mail order. It would be the perfect gift for my Croatian step-father.

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  1. CJ, The Euro Slice Deli in Renton offers blood sausage. (425-254-3528.) But if you want to give your step-father a special treat, Harvest Vine restaurant has it on their menu and it's excellent.

    Harvest Vine
    2701 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

    Euro Slice Deli
    720 Lind Ave SW, Renton, WA 98057

    1. I have not actually been there to vouch for it, but there's a place in Shoreline called Carpatia Sausage that sells sausages from Central Europe and the Balkans. Blood sausage is mentioned on the website.

      1. You can go to any Russian, European, or German deli or specialty store and find blood sausage. There are several in Bellevue, and Seattle. Also I'm pretty sure every city on the Eastside should have at least one.

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          try George's Sausage and Deli, they should have it

        2. bavarian meats (in the pike place market and in the deli sections of many supermarkets) has blood sausage in their showcase all the time

          1. Rain Shadow Meats makes their own.........not frozen......VERY good

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