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Jan 18, 2011 02:50 PM

Recipes that are Combo Spicy/Sweet?

A dish that I have been making for company a lot recently that has not yet failed to have people go back for seconds (even the non-foodies and skinny people!), is chili served over sweet potato. I've served it both as a turkey chili and as a vegetarian chili. I always get comments about how good the spiciness of the chili (and I actually only make it medium spicy) tastes with the sweetness of the sweet potato.

It made me wonder about what other dishes are out there, that combine spicy and sweet. Do you have favorites? Especially wanted are easy to make ones!

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I am a sweet/spicy person like crazy. It is a balance thing to me. Where do I begin? Many pan sauces, glazes, reductions and so on I make are spicy/sweet as I like to add tart/sweet cranberry, apricot, blackberry, raspberry, etc. preserves with spicy grainy mustard. I often make savoury sweet/spicy preserves; in fact, today I made another batch of spicy red pepper jelly that has a bit of a kick with the addition of hot peppers. When I make chili I add some chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, I make a killer bittersweet chocolate and blue cheese sauce for meat and game. Very good balsamic drizzled over strawberries and/or ice cream with cracked black pepper is another example.

    Many meat rubs and condiments I make (i.e. Thai) are sweet and spicy. To many Thai dishes I add cane sugar and of course red or green Thai chile sauce. I also love making sweet/spicy ketchups and mustards.

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      Regarding preserves, I like to just grab whichever looks good today, add in some cider vinegar and sriracha, and use it to glaze chicken thighs, especially after giving them a nice spice rub.

      Also, I've made a turkey/sweet potato "gumbo" that is really good, and sounds like your chili idea all in one.

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        chefathome, I'd love to hear more from you about that bittersweet chocolate and blue cheese sauce -- sounds intriguing.

      2. I love the idea of putting chili on a sweet potato. One of my favorites is a Guy Fieri recipe on the food network site. It is for Mango Chipotle sauce to go over chicken---i put it on lots of things (pork, rice, fish, shrimp, etc.).

        1. the first ones that come to mind are whipped chipotle sweet potatoes and spicy brownies or chocolate cake.

          a few ideas/recipes here:

          1. Some regions have a large repertoire of sweet and spicy items, and the combination is a signature element of those cuisines. Someone mentioned Thai above. I would add in Gujarati food. Often one finds sweet, spicy-hot, and sour together in Gujarati dishes and chutneys.

            1. That really sounds awesome. I'm going to try it soon.