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Jan 18, 2011 02:40 PM

Rome Dining News Update

In spite of the financial crisis, plenty of new places opened in Rome in 2010. Here is a round up:

Enoteca Provincia Romana opened next to the Column of Trajan. It serves wine and food from Rome and its surrounding areas.

This summer, S7HEVA opened on Via Santa Maria del Pianto 1B. This bar/cafe serves drinks and food and, when the weather permits, has well positioned tables on the piazza in the heart of the Ghetto.

Beppe E I Suoi Formaggi, a fabulous wine and cheese store, opened in October on the same street. It fills the former Bottega del Vino shop (see below).

Mama’ Kosher Food at Via Portico d’Ottavia, 14 also opened in October. This kosher fast food joint serves quite a decent burger, and on toasted bun unlike most Roman joints!

In September, Bar del Fico reopened in Piazza del Fico after a two-year renovation. I’m not the biggest fan of this place, but it does the trick when you need a cute place for aperitivo in centro.

Another newcomer on the bar scene was Conter, a very welcome addition to Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano. It serves wine, cocktails, snacks, and meals and has already achieved considerable renown for its pagnotelle (stuffed savory buns). Though it opened in September, there is still no functioning website and their Facebook page has no phone number listed. So I guess “Like” them, then write on their wall if you want more info.

Ristorante Settembrini expanded into the bar sector this fall, inaugurating Caffe’ Settembrini, which serves excellent snack, both savory and sweet. Unfortunately there is no sign of the caffe’s existence on Settembrini’s website, but you will indeed find the place at Via Settembrini 21.

The OS Club opened on Via Terme di Traiano near the Colosseum in November. Though this place wins the prize for the worst and most confusing marketing of 2010, it still has plenty of potential due to the spaces it occupies and the talented young chef (Davide Cianetti) in the kitchen.

Roy Caceres, formerly of Pipero, opened his first restaurant in Parioli in November. The fine dining establishment is located at Via Giovanni Antonelli, 30/32.

Tricolore, a bakery/gourmet sandwich shop/teaching space opened on Via Urbana in Monti in late November. They do a mean croissant and offer cooking classes (in Italian).

In December, Palatium, the Regione Lazio’s wine bar, opened a shop selling at Fiumicino Airport that sells wine, cured meats, dried legumes, honey, and other local products.

MACRO 138, a Gambreo Rosso affiliated restaurant, opened in the Macro Museum in December. I haven’t been their yet, but plan to check it out this month. It is openTuesday through Sunday, dinner only. The entrance is at Via Nizza 138. I wasn’t able to find a phone number for this place or any information on the Macro website.

Sadly, several places in Rome closed in 2010: Bottega del Vino in the Ghetto, Fata Morgana’s Via Ostiense location, the nearly century-old Frontoni on Viale di Trastevere, and La Piazzetta in Monti, to name a few. Also in Monti, Il Giardino del The on Via del Boschetto has closed its restaurant, but continues to sell tea pots and loose tea.

In October, two new restaurant were awarded a Michelin star (All’Oro, Giuda Ballerino) and Il Convivio Troiani gained its lost one back. Baby lost its star. Rome currently has one *** (La Pergola), one ** (Il Pagliaccio), and nine * (Acqualina Hostaria, All’Oro, Agata e Romeo, Glass Hostaria, Imago, Mirabelle, and Antonello Colonna, Giuda Ballerino, and Il Convivio Troiani).

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  1. Thank you for this excellent and detailed information. It will help us plan on where to eat on our next trip to Rome this year.

    1. Thank you! I haven't been to Rome in two years and will be visiting early April, so it's quite helpful to read this.

      1. Is Bar del Fico in the old Da Francesco space? When having a drink there last summer (I like BdF), I asked about what was happening with Da Francesco, and they were non-commital.

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        1. re: ghiottone

          @ghiottone not sure what you mean. da francesco was open last time i checked (around oct, i think). they are in the same piazza. BdF is at Piazza del Fico 26. Not sure I provided any answers!

        2. Katie, this is super. Do you have any news about Pipero? We got an email that he was moving to Rome, but that's all. We had a truly wonderful Saturday lunch in Albano a year ago (there was snow and everyone who had reserved canceled except us, because we took the train and it takes more than a little slush to deter us), so we were just four of us with the undivided attention of both Pipero and Caceres. I'm sorry they've split, but we'll definitely try Metamorfosi (that being the name, which you didn’t mention above). We'll have to check out the confusing OS place, which seems also to have a restaurant Jolanda, which is a name I remember from the Celio swimming pool last summer, though we never went.

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          1. re: mbfant

            Maureen, it is the same Iolanda, of Davide and Catia. It used to be out in Appia and Celio was their summer location. (then Catia became pregnant and they used the time to change locations and open OS). We have eaten in both locations (Appia and Celio), but always in the fine dining part and found it very good (still dream of a monkfish liver). The Celio location also had an ostaria part and seems like OS is the same idea. Haven't been there yet, though. Katie says Iolanda was great, Ostaria less so.

          2. Thank you! I'll be in Rome next month, arriving on a Monday and departing on the following Wednesday. This helps!!

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            1. re: Sid Cundiff

              Thanks - we are going with a group of 10 in June