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Jan 18, 2011 01:50 PM

Anchor & Hope for dinner?

Has anyone had dinner at Anchor & Hope? I've seen posts about happy hour but not dinner.

Anchor & Hope
83 Minna Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. Anchor and Hope is great. I actually have never been for Happy Hour, so dinners for me are always a fun and tasty experience. Being from Maine orginally, i take my seafood seriously, and they do it right. I actually never buy lobster when i am out, but the lobster roll (sub the chips out for the fries) is pretty well priced and really good - coming from a Mainer, that says a lot.

    1. This is probably the best seafood place I've been to in San Francisco. As another ex-New Englander it's outstanding to find a place that can do both a great chowder as well as more creative fish and seafood entrees. There's a wonderful beer and wine selection too. Enjoy!


      1. Had a delicious entree a while back (almost a year ago) - fish with nettle puree. I don't remember what type of fish it was but it was cooked perfectly and the sauce was so good (complimented and did not overwhelm the fish). Had one of my best seafood meals in sf.

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          I wanted to add that this place is a very safe first date restaurant for those doing a financial district weekday first date. I like the ambience and the big open hangar like space with no hint of romance (it's a first date!) and a little loud but energetic. The food may be expensive depending on what you're will to pay, but you have the option of getting some oysters/appetizers and beer (great selection) instead of a full-blow dinner. If the date goes well, go and enjoy a good dinner.

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            I've eaten here three times and liked the space and vibe but found the seafood dishes decidely average and way over-priced. The beer selection is ok but served in skimpy sized glasses making it too, overpriced. The biggest hit for me were the fries. On the low side, my wife declared their chicken pot pie to be woeful. If I go back for one more try I may well stick to the raw bar offerings.