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Jan 18, 2011 12:42 PM

Any advice for how to cook a fresh ham?

I did a board search and didn't come up with much. My DF wants a fresh ham for his birthday. I've made pork shoulder before, is it similar?

Favorite sides?

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    I've actually got one in the oven right now.....12 pounds and shooting for 9 hours @ 225*.....first 30 minutes at 350*.......Skin pierced and scalded with boiling water with disolved baking aid in crisping the skin.

    1. I cook it just like pork shoulder.

      1. Well, I made the fresh ham, a 9 lb'er from the shank end. Gave it a tasty salted herb rub after slashing the skin & cooked it for 5 hours in a 325 oven until it came to 155. Will not be making it again. WAY TOO PORKY. I love pork shoulder & melting, yummy chunks of pork but this tasted so strong. I gave the leftovers to my in-laws & chucked the rest out.

        I'm sticking to pork shoulder from now on. I doubt it was an old piece of meat, it's on sale & I've seen the case turn over day after day.