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Jan 18, 2011 11:28 AM

Qingdao Updates?

Any news on Qingdao Garden reopening? Last time I went by there (a week or two ago) they at least had walls and a fancy new door, but I couldn't really see in to tell how close they were to finishing. No updates on the website. Hopefully they'll be done soon...

Qingdao Garden Restaurant
2382 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140

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  1. I guess the title of this thread shouldn't have a question mark, since it's just updates from me!

    Peeked in again today and things are coming along, it seems. There are tables and chairs and some other stuff. So perhaps they'll be re-opened by summer! (Low expectations are the key to happiness.)

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    1. re: maillard

      Sounds like they had the same high hopes for the timing of their renovation as I did for mine. Just for the record, I am willing to harass their contractors daily (because, as it turns out, that's what it takes to get them to work) so that I can have their dumplings sooner.

      I will be very curious to see the results of their renovation and hope that it isn't running them into the ground financially.

      1. re: suzysue2

        having had their dumplings, i think that wang's and golden garden are just as good and maybe better. you can buy them and prepare them yourself.

        you would think that the economic slump would make this the best time to remodel.


      DSLJ (a fantastic resource for non-food items) reports someone stopped by and chatted with the owner, who says they're just waiting for regulatory approval before re-opening. I hope so!

      1. I walked by the other night, and was not alone as I peered into the fully lit space. There were sunglasses and three coats over the back of two chairs. Someone was in the kitchen, but I couldn't see what they were doing.

        The front space looks ready, but simply couldn't see if the kitchen is complete. I remain optimistic.

        p.s. and the real website is back up!

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        1. re: smtucker

          They've said it's re-opening March 2, pending final inspections.