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Jan 18, 2011 10:51 AM

No mention of this yet? - Michelin 2011

No real surprises, although no third for Ledbury!

More than happy to see Paris House (excellent on my visit) and my local The Black Rat both getting a deserv'ed nod

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  1. Feels like quite an uninspiring list this year. Darroze chosen to get two stars, Petrus gets one but nothing for Koffman, Loubet, L'Anima etc.

    Also seems unfitting that MW didn't get 3. I don't think it's a surprise that The Ledbury will have to wait another year - Michelin is slow to give 3 stars and it was only upgraded to two in 2010.

    Viajante obviously deserves its star for the sheer breadth of its invention.

    Delighted for Trullo to be given a bib rating, fantastic restaurant.

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    1. re: ManInTransit

      Agree with all of that - especially Trullo getting a bib (though it is hard enough to get a table anyway).

      The one surprise for me is that the Star Inn in Harome has lost its star - I would regard that as being better than The Olive Branch in Clipsham which has retained its star.

      Michelin is alway a bit of a mystery...

      1. re: dustbuddy

        Dustbuddy - we've had some success calling exactly at 12pm on the day you want to go and asking to be put on a waiting list for any spare tables.

      2. re: ManInTransit

        I suspect nothing for Koffman because it opened quite late for the review year and had a couple of chef changes in the first few months before it settled down so probably a timing issue (the trouble with print deadlines).

        I was quite amazed (but very pleased) to see the Pony & Trap get a star. I loved my meal there a few years ago, and my local pubs chefs (in Bath) all rated the team. A real pub with normal pub food for all who think Michelin is poncy.

        Interesting The Star lost one. My one visit was very average and quite disappointing so I tend to agree. I wonder if the expansion into other pubs in the village, shops, butchers a fish shop and the marriage bust-up caused the drop?

      3. that michelin awards a star to benares and tamarind shows that they have absolutely NO idea about punjabi/moghlai cooking.

        for crying out loud, the delhi grill does a MUCH better job with the cuisine.

        1. I was pleased to see that The Curlew in Bodiam got a star. We had a very pleasant lunch there in the summer, and a great service experience as the owner gave us a lift back to the station!

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          1. re: greedygirl

            Very deserved star... we intend to return to The Curlew before too long. Their new menu looks very good!

          2. I'm still surprised not to see Trinity in Clapham get a star. I havent been for a while, but the few meals I have had there have been excellent.

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            1. re: pj26

              Also a big fan of Trinity; ate there are couple of months ago for saturday lunch. The food was still excellent (e.g. a wonderful duet of tartare and medium rare steak with a watercress sauce, even if the beet baked in a salt crust was slightly rough). The waitstaff there are very knowledgable about their food (among the best I've encountered), and very accommodating and helpful.

            2. We split off some general discussion of the relevance of Michelin ratings to a new thread on our Food Media and News board. You can find that thread here: