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Jan 18, 2011 10:35 AM

Asheville lunch with kids

I'll be in the Biltmore Village area in a couple of weeks and need a place around there for lunch. I'll have a three and two year-old with me. They aren't particularly adventurous eaters -- but I'm OK with packing apple slices, etc. They are usually reasonably well behaved in restaurants, but I'd hate to be "that guy" whose kids are ruining everyone's quiet, white tablecloth lunch. Any suggestions?

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  1. well, there is a McDonald's in there. :) just kidding!

    Neo Cantina is in there. Pretty run of the mill Mexican, but it's nice in there and a good atmosphere for kids and the food is acceptable.

    Rezaz would be a good atmosphere (it's pretty noisy in there, but still nice), but I'm doubting their menu would appeal to the kids unless they have a specific kids' menu.

    There is also Village Wayside Bar & Grille, which I haven't heard anyone talk about on here, but could work. It's gotten good reviews on sites like yelp and tripadvisor. Probably nothing special (or we would've heard about it on here by now! haha) but has a pretty standard pub menu and I'm sure it would be kid-friendly.

    good luck!

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      Village Wayside Bar & Grille would definitely work, simple menu and I hear they've got a pretty good hamburger.

      Rezaz has a casual side called Enoteca. I just tried to pull up their menu, but the link is broken. This is a casual wine bar that serves good food and would be my choice (even with kids). You could give them a call to see what they have for children. Don't sit near the front window ~ there's a MacDonalds right across the street and the kids might see it!

      1. re: NANCY

        I think you could go anywhere except Fig. I was at Corner Kitchen for lunch on Monday ( of my favorites in town) and despite the fact that it is a "nice" restaurant, it was very busy and loud and there were a few families there. That would be my top pick for the area. I've been meaning to check out Village Wayside. Skip Neo Cantina, IMO.

        Corner Kitchen
        3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

    2. I will second Corner Kitchen. They have a Kid's Menu so kids should be welcome. They have several separate rooms so those wanting privacy may find it. Check out the "Porch" room on the website "Tour". It has a 360 degree tool activated by your cursor so you can look around the rooms. Too bad it will probably be cold as they have a patio also:

      I suggest giving them a call or email if you will need highchairs or booster seats.

      Corner Kitchen
      3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

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      1. re: JHLI

        Third on Corner Kitchen.

        Corner Kitchen
        3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

        1. re: Leepa

          Sounds like the votes are in for the Corner Kitchen. I was kind of hoping for Enoteca, but I don't like being unable to see the menu. Thanks for the advice!

          Corner Kitchen
          3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

          1. re: pkimble

            they are fairly close to each other (5 min walk). you could stop by Enoteca and look at their menu, then go to Corner Kitchen if it Enoteca doesn't appeal. Or maybe Enoteca would FAX/email it to you?

            We like Corner Kitchen too (only been for dinner). I didn't realize they had a kids' menu. Also, if you go to Corner Kitchen, check for a discount coupon. CK is usually on there, but it may just be for dinner.