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Jan 18, 2011 10:32 AM

Sushi - Hewlett/Lynbrook/Valley Stream area

Any decent sushi places? I used to go to Midori in Hewlett which looks like it's a Greek place now!


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  1. I love Taiko in Rockville Centre.

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    1. re: tomatoe

      Haven't bee to Taiko in 20 years. But been to Wild Ginger once which is ok.

      Wild Ginger
      48 Great Neck Rd, Great Neck, NY 11021

    2. Heard Takesushi on Broadway in Hewlett is good. I used to dine regularly at their location in Great Neck many years ago, and I had a great sushi meal at their Manhattan location recently.

      1035 Broadway, Woodmere, NY 11598

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      1. re: tbone

        Thanks TB - It closed unfortunately

      2. have to agree that taiko is a stellar choice. one of my all time fav rolls, the tropical one, comes from there. i like a lil fruit in my sushi & that one has salmon & mango, nuts & some mix of wasabi & a sweet chili sauce. really good. salmon there can be a lil fishy though. make sure miya makes them, hes the best.

        if youre willing to drive a lil straigh tup noreth theres a great place matsuya in great neck. its in some big shopping center (also a wild ginger there thats pretty good) & looks like a hole in the wall from outside but super tasty & fresh. they also do rolls with mango & i recommend the siamese bang or something like that - it has these shrimp in a sweet spicy sauce. also theyve got sashimi rolls - fish wrapped in more fish :) the foodie in me found some good pics of their dishes

        theres also yummy sushi by the source mall at shiros, if youre heading north again. owned by same ppl as taiko, they have "jake" rolls - havent seen elsewhere besider those two place. its a mnix of shredded crab & shrimp with spicy mayo - so good. they have rolls where they warm it & it melts in the mouth